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Monday, August 16, 2004

First Post / Team USA Blunders

I switched in this morning at the start of the second half. The score was 49-27. Initial reaction: OK, Team USA is on track.. until I found something weird with the scoreboad.

Sitting beside the Puerto Rico Flag was the score "49".


I watched the 3rd quarter and the first part of the 4th. USA was having a mini-run to close the gap to within 9. But when USA threw up an airball which led to a fast break, with Carlos Arroyo outrunning Lamar Odom and outsmarting him to get an "And-1", I knew it was game over. They couldnt shoot from the outside, Tim Duncan was triple-teamed at the post every time, and most importantly, they couldn't defend perimeter players and slashes.

Yari na talaga sila ngayon! [They're doomed!] Lets see if David Stern still doesn't regret putting together a team that was meant to sell, not to win. NBA the best basketball in the world? They better redeem themselves in the next game. Even if they go on to win the gold, this game was just plain unexcusable.

Oh yeah. Welcome to my blog. Ü


Hehehe. Oi adik! First comment ako! Talo na naman US team vs Lithuania kahapon. All I can say is, this is a testament to the Americans' marketing power w/c has resulted in a more competetive international game. Yun nga lang, the NBA is not the FIBA so the rules are very different. The Americans need to learn again how to shoot the ball the old-fashioned way. I-hire nilang shooting coach si Allan Caidic. Haha.

Teka, andami kong trabaho. Bakit ako nandito?!?! *Whapakk!*
Thanks for dropping by Trebs.

Actually, I was thinking that maybe if the Filipinos just learned to shoot, and shoot well, we could have a shot at the Olympics. After all, shooters are the ones that beat team USA...

Men can dream right? :)
i saw that game too. galing ni arroyo.

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