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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

8 Things About the MBA Program

Things learned so far during MBA interaction with admin/faculty:
  1. You can’t walk into an exam without studying the slightest bit and expect to ace it. Especially since the last time I faced an exam paper was when I was in college. Dang, and I wanted that DLSU scholarship… (FYI, a 95% entrance exam score supposedly gets you a partial scholarship)
  2. Before going to a job interview, or a pre-MBA interview for that matter, brush up on your general industry knowledge. Meaning if you work for a food company, you better know the recent government policies that affected the price of your Chippy. Trust me, the guy isn’t going to ask you neither how you executed a cost-cutting measure in your manufacturing plant, nor how you managed to systematize your computer files away from your desktop. Be a bit prepared. And while we’re at it, lets hear a gripe about the industry that I am in:
  3. The petroleum industry is assumed to sell only gasoline and diesel. Never mind that I work exclusively for the Lubricants department, the questions that were asked went to the direction of the gas stations. Which we only have about 50 of. Which I do not know a whit about.
  4. Those wearing glasses are assumed to be intelligent. Young guys wearing glasses are assumed to be computer nerds. Upon my enlistment for the subjects to be taken up, the lady helping me exempted me from "Business Communications" and chalked me up to take an exemption exam on "Information Management". This after finding out that I took Industrial Engineering in college. And that has *what* to do with the computer hardware / software business? Hey, it could be my exam results that got me exempted, but I’m thinking the glasses had a lot to do with it. >:-)
  5. Enroll early. Or face a hefty P200 late reg fee. Not like it was my fault, with the schedule of the entrance exam I had to get, it was impossible to enroll on time! So what’s up with the late reg fee??? Come on, it’s like it was set up for me to enroll late! *sulk*
  6. It costs a lot of money to take up masters. Can you say nineteen thousand five hundred fifty nine? Say it again. Php19,559. That’s for 2 subjects and a validating exam. Ö
  7. Even if you already took the subject in college, its nuances will escape you until you've had a refresher. With my Management Principles course. I swear I had a subject on the different schools of thinking for management, but I came up with blank during discussion. As for my other subject, consider this: I took and passed a math subject, Probability for EE, and Probability for IE. Made me think I can sleep through my Management Statistics. Nuh-uh! I couldn’t even correctly answer some of the sample questions! Grrr…. A direct result of the "Flush all information after exams" type of mentality.
  8. And lastly, I learned that "heuristic" is supposed to be pronounced as "hoi-ris’-tik". Para bang "Tag Heuer". I was taken aback of course, because this challenged how I’ve pronounced it for a good 10 years or so. Naturally, I took it as gospel out of respect to the Course Instructor who backed up his claim by saying that he knew German, and so that’s how he was sure. Of course, when I had the opportunity, I looked it up. And lo and behold: Merriam-Webster lists "heuristic" as hyu-'ris-tik, just the way I learned it from my esteemed UP and Pisay Professors. Props to the La Salle prof for knowing how the Germans, who originated the word, pronounce heuristic but unfortunately, we use English as the language here. Hello… haay. Bumalik na lang kaya ako sa UP? Tsk, tsk, tsk…


haha heuristic, parang euler at europe..

-- joey
Hehe, so sino papaniwalaan mo ngayon, yung teacher mo noon or teacher no NGAYON? Potek naman talaga yang english na yan oo.

Good luck on the MBA pre. Ilang hours a week pasok mo?
6 hours dre, pero with group discussions (kasi puro case study), dagdag na 1-2 nights in a week yun. Parang sked ko ngayon: klase ko Tuesday night tsaka Sat afternoon, pero may at least 1 night in a week na magmi-meet kami for case study.
bat ka nga ba nasa La Salle pre?

err... reputed to have the best MBA in the country, depending on who you ask ;) top 3 are AIM, UP, and La Salle.

Why La Salle? 1) Not as expensive as the 1M/yr tuition for AIM, plus I got to enroll at the 2nd sem... something I CANT do in UP since they only accept new studes by the 1st sem.

Thanks for dropping by Tals :)
nakalimutan kong i-thank si joey sa comment. thanks for dropping by!

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