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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Irony in the Philippine Government

I was driving with my girlfriend last Saturday along EDSA from a trip to Makati. Saturdays without work, being a very vital commodity for a Unioil employee as myself, must be spent wisely... or on a girlfriend who just had her birthday. :p Anywhoo, while driving the northbound lane of C-4, I saw glimmers of siren lights on my rearview mirror. The traffic being not-so-friendly in north EDSA due to buses occupying most of the road while the private vehicles were mostly in the left side as well, the convoy then went to the yellow-lane side of the road. Guess who it was?

No, I don't know who it was for sure. But I did see that some blue towtrucks in the convoy, as well as catch the plate number of one of the vehicles: "8 MMDA".

Hmm. The implementor breaking the rules himself? Sounds ironic, but it's just another day in the circus that is the Philippine Government.


Haha. I remember a similar situation. On the way home from Baguio last holy week, we got stuck in pretty bad traffic somewhere in Pangasinan coz everyone was going back to Manila. Sabay sulpot ng convoy ni Ja-ja-ja-jamby Madrigal na humahagibis sa opposite lane. Shempre, nakisingit na kami...
At least di pa sya nae-elect. Bad trip lang naman sa kin, yung MMDA Chair/officer pa yung nagviolate ng nilagay nyang batas. Labo talaga!

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