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Monday, September 20, 2004

An Isko's Nightmare.

Did you get to watch the Ateneo - La Salle game yesterday? For diehard Ateneans (e.g. Miko, Peter, Jake V., Eurose, Candy, etc. etc.) and La Sallians (my honey, Soloflite, Elaine (tama ba?), my sister Jomai, Janice, etc. etc.), alike, it was a must - watch. Students and alumni met, schemed on how to get hold of tickets, saved their favorite green/blue shirt for the game, and at the very least, blocked off their schedules so that they can catch it on TV. It's a phenomena already documented on paper, how amazingly zealous the graduates of these schools are. But what is an NBA addict to do in the offseason of the NBA? Watch this game of course, as this will surely be a treat: Basketball with emotions running high. But who to cheer for?

IMO, the standard UP grad would naturally cheer for their alegedly pompous Katipunan-based neighbors, as too many Di Pumasa Sa UPCAT jokes berating the La Sallians have been passed around in the campus. (Pop quiz: In a room, a million dollars, a humble Atenean, an industrious UP student, a virginal Assumptionista, and an intelligent La Sallian were in a room. Who will get the million? The UP student, because the rest don't exist.) At least, we say, the Blue Eagles approach us in intellect. Nyahahaha!

But then I remembered something..

I just enrolled in DLSU's MBA program last Saturday, which technically makes me a La Sallian.


GO LA SALLE!!! Beat the Tamaraws!!!! :p


tams ako... heheh

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