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Friday, October 22, 2004

Back to Sports: Red Sox Make History

I was never a baseball fan as I found the sport too inert. But any sports fan has got to appreciate what just happened a few hours ago.

The Boston Red Sox won the American League pennant against the Lakers of baseball, the New York Yankees, after being down 0-3 in the seven-game series.

This wasn't supposed to happen. No one expected the Red Sox to win the series, much less come back from being down 0-3, the only professional team in all of sports to do so. But with a bit of luck, and with a lot of support from their loyal fans (report: 76% of Boston tuned in to Game 7 against 43% of New York's TV viewers), they did it.

I can't give justice to Boston's accomplishment, but I can refer you to someone who can: a lifelong fan of the Red Sox, and my favorite sportswriter right now: The Sports Guy from ESPN. Click on for his Game 7 review.

Congratulations to the Red Sox!

*Thanks to Markku for the correction. Sabi ko nga di ako baseball fan talaga e ;)


Galing nila! Pre, "Boston" dapat, hindi "Chicago". ;)
hehe salamat sa correction :)
kakapanood ko pa lng sa news ito huh. grabe, for ilang years atang walang champion ang boston. =)
oo nga e... started when the red sox traded... err.. sold Babe ruth to the yankees some 80 years ago (!). grabe no?

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