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Friday, October 29, 2004

Bye-bye Globe, Hello Sun!

Please update your phonebooks. I've switched to SUN! Yes, the signal strength is comparable to Globe's when text was still free, and sound clarity is definitely not up to par as compared to the two big telcos in mobile communications, but for a measly Php250, for 30 days, you can call and text fellow SUN subscribers for free! The Prepaid SIM pack is Php150, and SUN loads you up Php100 for 3 months. And since I got the SIM card this October, I have a 15-day trial of their CTU(Call and Text Unlimited) plan free! Talk about laying it all out there. Digitel is really fighting hard for market share.

Anyway, I guess it's time to spare you the infomercial babble. :) My numbers now are 0918-902-5800 (office line) and 0922-471-2278 (SUN). For my fellow SUN subscribers, text me your numbers! :)


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