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Monday, October 18, 2004

Got Symbian?

The office just recently issued Nokia 6600s and I was lucky enough to be assigned one. My current phone being a Nokia 6210 (stuff the guffaws, I did have a color-screen phone… for a full 6 weeks, before it got lost/stolen), I was instantly amazed by the capabilities of the new-generation Nokia. Its Symbian OS opens the possibility for various software to be installed in your phone. WAV ringtones and themes are just the tip of the iceberg, baby! Do you know that you can actually play Super Mario on your Nokia? What about turning it into an MP3 player? A weather forecast generator? A remote control for your TV? Well, without further ado, time to share some things that will help you maximize your Symbian Phone!

1. Does your phone run on Symbian OS?

First we have to make sure that your phone runs that OS! If you own a Nokia 6600, 7650, 7610, 9210, 3650, N-Gage, SE P800, or P900, then we’re on the same page Ü. Check out http://www.symbian.com/phones/ for more info. In any case, if your phone is a bit more "technologically challenged", stick around, because these principles can still be applicable...

2. Do you have a way to connect your phone to your computer?

This means that you need to have either a USB connector, an infrared port, a bluetooth dongle, or at least a memory card reader to download the files to your phone. For proud owners of Nokia 7610s, your phone comes with the USB cable and the Nokia Data Suite. Make sure you use it, because you don’t know what you’re missing if you don't. If you’re not as blessed, you’ll need to buy the necessary peripherals. Both available at most cellphone stalls and Cyberzone stalls, the IR port (Php1,600-1,800) is cheaper than the Bluetooth connector (Php2,000+), but Bluetooth is much faster and more reliable (generally). So gogogo buybuybuy! :)

3. Do you have the files to install to your phone?

There are many possible sources of downloading files, aside from bluetoothing files from your friends (you leech, you :p ), or paying your friendly neighborhood cellphone hawker for them to do the dirty deed for you. FYI: You don’t need to pay for it! Where do you think the guys at Virra Mall get their stuff anyway? Over the Internet, of course!

A tip before we continue: For programs, games and themes, you will ultimately need a .SIS file or a .JAR file. If you download a *.zip or a *.rar, you need to uncompress it using the proper software until you see the .SIS or .JAR. You can get WinZip
here and WinRAR here.

There are 3 basic site types for downloading your themes, apps, ringtone files, or games. One is directly from the official website of the app that you want. This site for a freeware game
(Frozen Bubble for Symbian phones) is an example. Looking for these sites take major Googling powers, plus you have to know what you’re looking for. But at the very least, you’re sure of the file you’re downloading, in terms of stability and safety versus viruses. Unfortunately, most of these sites want you to pay for downloading their files, so of course we need a better option. A cheaper option if you may. ;-)

The easiest option is to join a mailing list dedicated to sharing apps and ringtones. One only need to put in "Nokia 6600" in the
Groups Search Bar, and you can now choose from a plethora of email communities that’ll provide you with the latest ringtone. An obvious disadvantage is the volume of mail you receive may be too much for someone who doesn’t check his mail at least twice daily. 15-20 messages a day can flood your mailbox, and that’s on the average. And also, you can’t just look for the file that you want. You have to request for it over email, wait for it, and hope someone hears your prayer.

Which brings us to the last option: Websites and forums dedicated for all phone-related concerns. One example is
i-forum.org. For frequent forum users, this is the way to go. For those unfamiliar with the forum setup, this can be a reason to start registering your nick in! You can search for files, browse through topics that can produce what you’re looking for, and download every conceivable app on the planet. Of course, it can be trying at times (not all the posts are useful, to say the least), you may find yourself browsing endlessly and still you won’t find the file you want. But it’s still the way to go.

One last thing: if you got your phone from Globe, Smart, Sun, or Islacom, and you want to unlock it, THERE IS A PROGRAM IN THE INTERNET that enables you to do it! And of course, its FOR FREE! Jeez, and the Greenhills guys charge Php500 for open-line-ing your phone. Try this site:
http://www.unlockme.co.uk/dct4free.html. Google is a wonderful thing. ;-)


inggit naman ako; colored phone ko pero low-tech hahaha
oks lang yun... eto namang 6600 hindi pa din sa akin to :)
Cool phone!

I had a problem tagging on your tag-board. Anyhow, I hope that you'd be with your Nokia 6600 for a long time. I don't have my 3200 anymore either... Bad things have happened to our phones:(

Symbian OS. Coolness! That could sync with Linux... Now I wish I have such a cool phone! And Frozen Bubble... Is that the game wherein you have penguins and bubbles and it kinda works like Lose Your Marbles? I have that running in my Mandrake Linux 10 as one of the default games and I have found it so addictive. Sacha even commented about it to another Linux user. *laughs*

You have just posted a very informative thing about such phones. You really make me wish I had one!

By the way, do drop by my LJ. It's been where I have been putting my (in)sane blabber. Check my Monday post. October 18, 2004. Thankies!

MIss you, dad!
LJ? kala ko sa bizhat ka na lagi e... I'll pass by sometime...

Frozen bubble - the same one. Since Frozen Bubble is freeware even for linux, some guy decided to port it over to Symbian 6.0. Which promptly resulted in battery-draining but addictive fun. :)
Nice article Wilf, now I need a Nokia 6600 to use what I've learned. :)

You can actually get Bluetooth USB donggles for as low as 1300, yung 1500 okay na.
a ganun ba... circa 2002 pa kasi mga presyong sinabi ko hehehe. I stand corrected ;)

Thanks for dropping by makku!
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