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Friday, October 08, 2004

Just One Question.

My goodness, I've been so busy at work I couldn't find the time to blog! Imagine that, hehe. But since I [never] want this blog to be a journal (or worse: a diary [shudder]), I just leave you with one long-winded question:

De La Salle University is a Catholic/Christian School, right? It was founded by a St. John Baptist de la Salle, with a quest for religio, mores, cultura*? Espousing values above all else?

So why did they pick a dealer of death, an Archer, to represent their school?

Just a curious question...

*religion, relations with fellow person, right appreciation of one's traditions


good question. The green archer kills only blue eagles :D
uh-huh. It doesnt care about the bulldogs, falcons, or warriors. just eagles. /:j

but it still kills, even if only an animal such as a blue eagle :P
Hehehe well, if you want a serious answer... Catholicism isnt exactly a peace-loving religion like Gandhiism. An archer isnt as much as a dealer of death as a warrior for good, and a defender of faith.

Take the Crusades for example:

Religio. Check.

Mores. Uhhh... kill all infidels? Check.

Cultura. Getting back the holy land. Good enough. Check.

Sick catholics.
harhar! Well said, well said. Problem is, that was then. Nowadays the Crusades would never have been approved by the Church, nor any war for that matter.

Well, last time I checked anyways.

Dang, and this was just supposed to be a rhetorical question :lol:

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