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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Late Post on UP / Miriam

After the Miriam Santiago Fiasco, I'm even more convinced that the Philippines does not have hope anymore. For a government officer who should have the people's interest first and foremost, she goes and rants about how her son's suicide was supposedly caused by UP College of Law. A suicide, by the way, that has a weird premise. The bullet point was from the back of the nape to the front of the face. Weird way to commit suicide. Plus, how many months had passed since he failed the UP Law interview? 4? 5? Weird, ain't it?

In any case, many others have failed the exam. It's still up to the person if he wanted to commit suicide. Ultimately, the psychological makeup of the person will be to blame and who had a hand in forming that?

Read here and here for more. :)


ewan ko nga ba dyan kay miriam; tama ka masyado syang personal mag-isip. ayaw ba naman dagdagan ang budget ng UP dahilo sinisisi nya ito sa nangyari sa anak nya.

grrr... talaga
yup... kainis nga talaga e.

imagine, the interview was just like any interview pag pumasok ka, say, ng ciem or ng KEM. Granted the interviewers went overboard, but since the son couldnt handle that kind of pressure, UP may have been in the right to flunk him.

Also, if she's bitching about the quality of education and standards in up, why does she think it's going down? Aint it because of the lack of budget? sheesh.
"Plus, how many months had passed since he failed the UP Law interview? 4?"

Slow nga ang bata e. tignan mo kung saan nya binaril sarili nya...
Hehe... nice one solo... :)

Pwede ding like mother like son.. hmm

(If any santiagos are reading this.... what the heck. you dont know me anyways :p)
^naku lagot ka pag nabasa ito ni miriam hehe
sheesh... if she really wants to know the reason why her son committed suicide, she just has to look into a mirror.

Btw, to the Santiagos? I know who NBA Addict is... hehehe.
pst wala namang ganyanan.. heheh

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