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Monday, November 22, 2004

NBA: Artest Lives Up to His Number

If you haven't heard yet, the NBA's Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons, one of the most intense rivalries now in the NBA, has figured in arguably the messiest situation the league has ever faced. To wit, Ben Wallace overreacted to a hard foul by Ron Artest. Big Ben charges Rapper Ron (or Asinine Artest, depending on where you stand), respective teammates restrain them, situation settles down eventually, then a cup of beer/juice/soda hits Artest. He snaps, charges the fan that threw the offending beverage, melee ensues, Stephen Jackson joins in the fray, Jermaine O'Neal smacks a haymaker to a rabid Pistons fan. The game is called with 45 seconds remaining. Both teams exit the arena while the Pacers are pelted with popcorn and drinks. Jack Nicholson arrives and admits it was all a ruse to test if Ron Artest has passed his Anger Management class, which of course he obviously didn't. The Commish lays down the law, says "You asked for it, you got it!" and smacks Indiana with suspensions to 5 players, 3 of whom are starters who will miss all (Artest) or half of the NBA season. (4 players from Detroit were suspended as well, but only for 1-6 games)

I could be wrong with the Nicholson bit, but the rest was almost surreal. Can you imagine, guys who lift weights for a living taking on the typical couch potato type NBA fan? Show some restraint, please, guys. You may say you're as human as we are, but you have brute strength. And earn $$$. Plus, those fans paid to see you in action! if we wanted to watch people bash each other, we could've just tuned in to Randy Orton prancing about, delivering RKO's.

Of course, one may argue that the fans were asking for it, since they threw things first. But these athletes are there for the money-paying fans of the game who came to see a good game of basketball. And that ugly scene between Ben and Artest? NOT what they paid for. (Well, maybe Mike Tyson would've apprecated it). Dare I say the fans were justified? Not really, since there is still such a thing called decorum. But still, the athletes forgot the big scheme of things. They were playing a game not for playoff positioning. Not to be a step closer towards winning the championship. Not to provide writers and bloggers with fodder to feed their RSS. But ultimately, they were there to entertain. The FANS. The customer is king, but the players treated the palace fans like Jerry Lawler in the 90's.

In any case, at least #91 now has a lot of time on his hands to promote his rap album. Hmm.. maybe the Rodman idolizer really did ask for it.


who would react first on the brawl and suspensions? of course me.

taenang nba yan. check mo reactions ko sa blog ko. pero potah, too harsh ang punishment. and pistons, wallace to be particular, started it all. overreacted on a hard foul (bakla pala siya eh), provoked the fans (45 seconds na lang ata eh, mainit pa rin siya. di pa nya nakikita yung scoreboard? tambak na sila eh) at much worse siya nag-umpisa sa panunulak sa mukha ni artest. tae pala siya eh. tapos 5 games suspensions lang. taenang talagang pistons yan. taenang nba yan.

tignan na lang natin kung anong uulan sa conseco fieldhouse sa christmas day (mind you, december 25 yun) pag nagkaharap ulit itong dalawa. baka hindi lang chair.

commish stern sucks!!! parang si commish ng .... heheh
"and pistons, wallace to be particular, started it all."

Actually, I was thinking that it was the rivalry's fault. Mainit na ulo nung mga players bago pa man din nagkatulakan. Actually, you could even blame the refs...

Understandably, upset ang pacer fans dito. *wink wink* But like I said, considering the big picture, players have no right to suckerpunch any fan. After all, part of their NBA salary comes from the fans.

Im an admirer of the Pacers (after all, I didnt take that team on KBL for nothing) but im a fan of the game first and foremost. and this is a disgrace.

"tignan na lang natin kung anong uulan sa conseco fieldhouse sa christmas day"

Shets. wag naman sana.

"commish stern sucks!!! parang si commish ng .... heheh"

nuninu... heheh. inaalikabok na kbl.. you're not missing much ;) redraft na sana!!!
Hmm... regarding that "imbalance" in the suspensions laid down by Stern, it's one thing for a ruckus to start among players. Shoves and punches thrown ON the court are usually dealt with one- to six-game suspensions. But involving the fans OFF the court? That's a totally different matter. Yes, it was childish and unprofessional for Ben to shove Artest that way, however it was totally stupid for any player to charge into the bleachers.

You can always control two dozen pissed-off multimillion-dollar-earning weight lifters. But an entire mob of couch potatoes?
nice points trebs.

actually, its easy to control a bunch of couch potatoes: you just give them no reason to riot, and they wont riot.

Of course, if its in their nature to riot... hehe. buti na lang di ako commish ng nba >:)
fine. fine.

the pacers organization accepted and is already moving on on this issue. no need to say anything against who. i'll be as ever loyal to the pacers now that i see them as the underdog team in the nba. i'm still counting them make the playoffs and hopefully the finals...

btw, rest of the season suspension also means the playoffs? nakita ko kasi artest suspended for 73 games. playoffs not counted. shed light please.

GO PACERS! heheh (last year na kasi ni reggie eh) :)
I still think Artest reacted the way any man would react. Syempre, andun na yung tension.. yung init ng ulo.. you tried to stay away from the "issue" (by staying at the scorers table.. ) then somebody throws beer at your face? labo diba.. human reaction lang siguro.. The fans should have stayed and watch and not literally get into action.

I guess it's the secuity's fault.. eheheh.. and alcohol too..

actually lahat sila..

anyway, a case is filed against Artest (which is i guess, for the better).. but I still think the suspensions are not justified.
I think Ron Artest was acting how he felt at that very moment, regrettably. He's just human, a hot-headed one at that. He has exercised some restraint for some time now, but to have a cup of beer in your face is a totally different thing. Even the most mild-mannered NBA player would've felt so bad if that happened, just read Steve Kerr's reaction at yahoo's nba channel. But would they charge the stands? Sadly, I don't think so.

Sherwin, just because you're a die-hard Pacers fan, you can bitch about the NBA and everything without respecting the opinion of others. Why don't you try opening up your mind, for a change?

And stop taking potshots at someone who's trying his best to exercise restraint towards you, because certainly, you're not at all helping your friendship. When you left the KBL, I guess you lost all privileges to criticize and mock the league and the people behind it.

My point? Buy Ron Artest's rap album. =) Peace!
@ sherwin: I think di na sya babalik sa playoffs... but then again i could be wrong. He was suspended for the season, is the postseason part of the season? hmm...

@lunacy: It's probably not justified if you take the players point of view, and the Pacers fans POV as well, but from the NBA marketing standpoint, the suspensions are very much well-deserved by these players. And Makku replied to your hothead claim...

@ markku: agree on all three points summat. But sometimes it helps to know that you know how one thinks, therefore a better understanding between parties could be achieved. (Ano????)
maku, it's a personal bitching. it's all on my part. why? can't i have my own opinion? this is what i felt and this is how i'm seeing it. but if you read my second comment on this, i changed. i, together with the pacers organization)(naks!), accepted the situation and in fact have moved on. i've opened my mind already, no need to say, ok?

pre, taking potshots? i didn't even mention any names. he's not the only commish around here, i for one, is a commish also before. and when i left kbl, i think it was over right then and there. i'll figure out myself if i'd like to be the same again. and also, please, if you want to help, don't let it post here. because really, you're not helping either. sorry for that.


fish tayo! :V: :)
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