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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

NBA: Underachiever Preseason Picks

Most sports sites have been listing their preseason picks to win it all. I'll be posting my own thoughts with the antithesis: those hyped to succeed but likely to fail. In no particular order:

Team: Sacramento Kings
Issue: Chemistry
Skinny: With Vlade defecting to the Lakers, Webber talking the (conflicting) talk about hard working teammates that includes/does not include Peja, and with Peja wanting a trade because he feels it is the best way to move forward for both teams, the Kings are ripe for an implosion. When your best player says that the team can best win by trading him away, there's a problem there! And that's not mentioning the decline of play of Doug Christie, the underpriced contract woes of Bobby Jackson, and downgrading their center talent from Divac to Ostertag.

Team: Minnesota Timberwolves
Issue: Aged/Disgruntled Backcourt
Skinny: Sprewell and Cassell wants a contract extension. McHale and the T'wolves don't want to give them one. And with good reason: these guys are already O-L-D. I wonder why the backcourt duo fail to realize that. Let's hope Cassell and Spree come to their senses, and just play ball, and not choke the life out of their chance for a championship.

Team: New York Knicks
Issue: Guards That Need The Ball Too Much
Skinny: Ballhog SG + Ballhog PG = ... well, lets just state that the most recent incarnation in recent memory of this happening was in Philadelphia, and Stack and AI didn't last long on that team.

Team: Miami Heat
Issue: No bench depth
Skinny: 2 people a team does not make. One major injury to Shaq is sure to affect their teams. Think about it: the Heat's starting lineup will become Dwayne Wade, Eddie Jones, Wesley Person, Udonis Haslem, and Michael Doleac. In other words, stud, old, old, raw, and in-the-NBA- coz-he's- 2.1-meters-tall, respectively. I shudder to think who will come off the bench. Rasual Butler? Bombed last season. Christian Laettner? Actually the perfect model for Kwame Brown - wonderful when playing against people with less talent than him, but couldn't keep up with the big boys. Caron Butler? Oops, he's in Lakerland already. The Miami Heat better start praying to the injury gods to spare their Big Daddy and also their Future as well.


Haha... don't forget the Lakers...
hehe. i didnt forget them. I wanted to write about them but too much ink has already been spilled on the lakers, hehe. next time.

and i dont need to write about them... 50% of the basketball fans who are kobe haters are already waiting for them to fail >:)
ha ha.. Lakers? they're not even mention sa mga contenders ata ngaun eh, so hindi siya kasama dito.. heheh
ang argument sa lakers ngayon actually is will they make the playoffs. ;) madaming nagsasabi na they wont top their division, the Kings will. But at least one analyst thinks that the Lakers will succeed: Steve Kerr.
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Hehe.. basta Phoenix ako. Happy birthday, adik!!!
hehe.. salamat :)

Phoenix? Astig team nila, small ball! Woohoo!

C - Stodemire
PF - Matrix
SG - Q-Rich
PG - Nash

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