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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Can You Say Alley-Oop?

Vince Carter traded to New Jersey Nets. Alonzo Mourning, Eric Williams, Aaron Williams and a pair of first-round draft picks went to the Raps.


First thoughts: The Nets are gonna be hella fun to watch. It's going to be like an All-Star Game for Kidd every game, throwing up alley-oops to either Carter or Jefferson. The Nets owner finally coughed up some moolah to improve his team. The Nets may have a chance here.

Wait, belay that thought.

Fact 1: Kidd is still not 100%. Carter is injured (supposedly). So is Mercer and Planinic.
Fact 2: Carter of 2004 is not the Carter of rookie heydeys. Nope, Carter 2k4 is a player with incredible leaping ability who settles for too many outside shots. It's like he swore off dunking like it was a sin.
Fact 3: There are not enough shooters in New Jersey that will open up the paint in half court sets.
Fact 4: Most importantly, Their big men: Jason Collins, Brian Scalabrine, Nenad Krstic, and a couple of other fringe-NBDL players. If I was Lawrence Frank, I'd rather shoot myself before you make me pick who gets the minutes from this bunch. Run-and-gun offense are fueled by 3 things: athleticism, defense, and rebounding. Their big men can't provide any of the three. If they provide anything at all.

At least New Jersey boasts of a 3 All-Star caliber guys again. The Continental Arena attendance should spike 50000%. Heck, only 30 people watch the Nets play there now, its not too much to ask for. ;-)

Really good trade on paper for NJ. Emphasis on "on paper".


nets clearly got the better off the trade in terms of offense but gave up strength in the middle by giving up mourning and aaron. raptors clearly will improve defensively but let's see what happens.

yes, it's exciting now to watch the nets again if both players (carter and kidd) are 100% healthy. imagine, kidd running the point with both carter and rj on the wings. whoaa! but this transition offense starts with good defensive stops, and their big men are not as dominant as those traded. as for the raptors, they should find a go-to guy. bosh is emerging as a good scorer and defender. jalen is as himself. contributions from the new players will be an added bonus.

at least now, the nets will continue to field 3 players in the allstar game if ever. =)
You mirror my points excellently, sherwin. :)

Oh, and the raps do have an emerging go-to guy: rafer alston. ;) heheh. Malay mo si mourning biglang maging 1998 version. wishful thinking for raps fans!
oo nga bakit si carter hindi na lumilipad? but with kidd as his point (or is it with carter as kidd's teammate?), siguro gaganda na laro ng nets, at least on the slashing/fast break game. pag inside game wala na siguro :(

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