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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

If the NBA Playoffs Were Held Today...

  • Cleveland would have the Eastern Conference second seed, beating out the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons for the Central Division's best record. Of course, as a result, they will face 7th seed Detroit in the first round..
  • The #1 seeded team in the East would be the Washington Wizards(!!!)
  • New York will claim the Atlantic (and the third seed) with a record below 0.500, and will earn a first round matchup with Indiana, who sports a record above 0.500.
  • No surprise: The Spurs have the best record in the NBA.
  • Big surprise: the Seattle Sonics are virtually tied with the Spurs(!).
  • Above expectations: The Phoenix Suns are also virtually tied with the Spurs and tied with the Sonics..
  • #1? seed? Washington Wizards! (just in case that didn't sink in)
  • The Clippers make the playoffs at #7! And they'll face Seattle, increasing their chances to get past the first round of the playoffs in a very, very, very long time.
  • Four Western Teams with better win % than the East 8th seed will miss the playoffs.
  • Sacramento vs. Dallas in the first round. Some things wouldn't change with time.
  • And lastly, the #1 seeded team in the East would be the Washington Wizards!!!(sorry, I really couldn't believe that)


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