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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wham Bam Slamming Action

"She got hit by a truck.... [fades to giggling noises]"

I recently slammed our Toyota Vios onto a Ford Explorer.

The results? Explorer 1, Vios 0.

I was 3rd in a chain of 3 cars that were bumper-to-bumper, literally. By their accounts, the first one, a Civic, narrowly avoided a car who suddenly stopped for no apparent reason on top of the EDSA - Ortigas Flyover. Car # 2 was alert enough to hit the gutter at the side of the flyover, therefore lessening his speed enough to only impart minimal damage to the Civic.

I, of course, was not so lucky nor was I as quick on my wits (only in humor, not in driving. Damn), and crashed onto the back of the Explorer at about 20-30kph. Miraculously, the engine was still operational after, and the headlights were still working, even if the impact was strong enough to push back the radiator (and possibly the engine as well) 4-5 inches.

But the Explorer only got a scratch on the paint job. Not even a dent.

Damn, I want my 4x4!!! Bump car tayo sa EDSA! Wooohooo!!!


Oooh... That was nasty, Dad... That must hurt...
Tsk tsk...

Pag may 4x4 ka na, joyride tayo!;)
swerte mo pre! hindi masyadong natamaan yung ford. heheh
@clair - didnt hurt *that* much, me seatbelt naman e...

tho the seatbelt did give me a bit of pain...

@sherwin - hehe hindi nga masyado hehe
Saan ka ba talaga nakatingin nung nangyari lahat to? At sino yang katabi mong chicks sa Vios mo? Bakit parang hingal na hingal ka? ;-) Kasi Wilf, buckle up! (hahaha, sorry kung may hidden undertone, wehehehe)
taduuu... hehe took me a full 10 minutes to get your post. :p inosente pa ako! (ya right :lol:)
argh, tragedy. The first thing I thought of was your insurance rating. :)
If you want a 4x4, nothing beats a navigator, you can literally have a party inside that truck.
yup, and its mileage is around 3-5km/L... aiyaiyai.

sakali, laklak naman talaga lahat ng 4WD...

re: insurance... well.... >:) hehehe.
Mas frustrating pag owner-type nabangga mo.

Ndi mo alam kung saan yung bangga

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