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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Blog Hopping...

I just found Ramil's new blog, still named "The Trailer", because of the linkback feature on Blogshares. It contains reviews on movies and is not a blog that sells those things attached to trucks. :p Foolish of me to think that...

Jochan found out how freakishly accurate the Personal Style Inventory Test is.

Reg in all her Jolie glory narrated her Awitan experiences that spans the past 3 Eng'g Weeks. Made me miss singing, college even more so! And makes me realize that I'm almost 2 years removed from graduation! really can't accept the fact that I'm growing old.. Also, she reminds me of my pessimist / self-protection mindset that I so strongly have...

Regarding Soloflite's first post of 2005? How true, how true! Err... if she reads this, my girl will kill me >:)

As always, Jake's photos are amazing. Though Markku's are a close 2nd :p Heheh. :)

Just some of the blogs I frequent... More next... month?


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