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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Disgruntled Personnel Carousel

The Jazz and the Pistons worked out a trade: Elden Campbell and a 1st round pick for Carlos Arroyo. This trade has a semblance of fairness in terms of talent and team need. Detroit gets its backup point guard it sorely needs, and Utah reunites Memo with a veteran center who can teach him and Boozer a few tricks.

With Arroyo, Utah has gotten rid of a player who has fallen from grace with its coach. Sloan banished Arroyo to the bench for playing less than stellar defense, and this benching was something new to the Puerto Rican star, who started for the Jazz just a season back and led Puerto Rico during the Olympics. It's refreshing to see that some franchises hold the team concept first, personalities second (as with the case with Carter and Toronto) and this trade was just waiting to happen.

Speaking of trades waiting to happen, Jim Jackson was finally shipped out of New Orleans for 3 practice bodies. This of course is very good for Phoenix- they get someone for practically nothing, and at least now they have an 8-man rotation, once they have everyone healthy. But you'd think New Orleans could've gotten a better offer in the market. But since they are currently just waiting for the lottery, they may have thought, "Ah, to heck with it, at least I'm getting someone who could be better down the road." And they're also getting someone who is not a journeyman primadonna. Can you imagine that Chinese Guy from Ocean's 12 saying "I don't want to sign up for this ridiculous sequel, so I'm gonna sit out on all of you, producers and all-star co-stars be damned!"? Well, that was kind of what Jimmy J did, except that Ocean's 12 had the star power to do well at the tills. New Orleans had Baron Davis' balky back. But at least JJ didn't get paid while sitting out games, unlike T-Mac who openly admitted that he was only giving a partial effort into the games he played in for the 21-win Orlando Magic last season.

Can the Magic then claim part of McGrady's salary from last year? :)


ha ha ha,,, ok ang last statement mo wilf,,

di ko lang sure kung may clause na ganyan sa mga contract ng mga players pero dapat meron ng para naman hindi lugi ang mga team owners,,, balak ko kasing mag-own ng isang NBA team eh,, heheheh
Score 1 more point for the Suns GM. Jim Jackson was one heck of a pickup. And for what? Casey Jacobsen and a couple others whose names I can't even spell. Steve Nash should be in the running for MVP as they practically were a headless chicken when he was out. However the West is still the West. The Spurs are too steady, Dallas (Nowitzki) is on fire and who knows what the Sonics can come up with. Abangan na lang natin ang playoffs...
@ sherwin: sige ba, pag nag-own ka na ng NBA team, oks na ako sa trabahong scout. O di kaya, backup PG/C... heheh

@trebs: A lot of surprises this year, mase-settle nga lang sa playoffs lahat. Pero before the playoffs, All Star muna! Nash is a sure in this year, along with Amare. :) Go Small Ball!

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