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Monday, January 17, 2005

Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal!

Two friends of mine got married recently. I've been quite out of touch with them, so I was deeply honored that they invited me to witness this event, their event. (quick shout out: Thanks so much!Ü) A few thoughts while I was there:

  1. Words on my lips upon seeing the church, situated near St. Paul QC (and yes, PC Options) - Pwede! :) Hopefully my friend won't sue for plagiarism if ever. ;)
  2. I loved the touches on the ceremony that screamed "this is OUR wedding"! How he used his talent (and non-talent, sorry pare) to express his love for her during the reception, how some songs were sung as intermission numbers because it reminded people where it all started (during an extra-curricular activity),how she had her bridal march to the tune of "Nothing But Love" (Mr. Big). I also liked it that it seemed that I was the one of the few in the church who actually knew the song. Heheh.
  3. I said I was out of touch and it showed:
    1. I don't really *know* any of their other friends there, but this was excusable since we all were in different cliques way back when anyway;
    2. As a consequence, I came in ultra-safe clothing: Long sleeves. Not quite casual, not quite formal either. Most of the other guys came in barong. Why was it a consequence? Because if I had known that they were coming full formal, I would've eschewed the "safe" outfit in a heartbeat.
    3. I didn't know any of the back stories, the problems, the inside stuff about the wedding. I mean, you know the difference between being part of a ceremony as opposed to being just a witness? Somehow, this fact bugged me no end. The feeling that I was there, but not quite. Basta, I didn't like it. Maybe because we were close back in the day, and now... Now the door is open. As it always has been.
  4. One friend said that she cried for them not because they were getting married, but because it signified that their barkada has graduated into adulthood with all of the problems that come with it. I was thinking that this particular group of friends was probably, IMO, her "escape" group from the bites of reality, and now life has caught on with their barkada. Now that one of them is going to face husband problems, motherhood, family budget constraints, it may mean a different atmosphere for their circle of 10. Then again, that may not be a bad thing, change is good right? :)
  5. Funny thing, she constantly said "kids acting like adults" referring to herself. Di ba, at 25/26, that should be "adults acting as kids"? Heheh. Peace. I'm not putting her down or anything like that. In fact, I can relate a bit... I certainly am not above this all, being a quarter century old already, I still can't acknowlege that I'm old getting older. Remember just 7 years ago you were attending their debuts? Now it's their wedding. Birthday parties of your friend's kids. Being godfather in their baptism. And worse: your friend's parent's funeral (I attended 2 during the Christmas break, God bless their souls). Sooner or later lampas na ng kalendaryo ang edad natin... [our age will not be within the number of days in a month] Wala lang... ang bilis ng panahon... Time flies.
Friend, congratulations. Here's to your 25th wedding anniv, 50th wedding anniv, and in general, here's to forever. Cheers!


I would probably email you something... This post is... Well, uhm, I supposedly don't know anything about it. Ayon sa press release...
Congrats na lang sa kanila! =)
where do i start?
you know, it is quite funny when one decides to comment or say things behind people's backs. but that's just the side issue. the main would be your audacity to pass on judgement on something that came from the heart. how could you? i know i may have a thousand grammatical errors, i know i was jabbering away and did not make sense, but should that matter? it didn't matter to people who mattered the most.

but what irks me to no end is your seeming confidence to pass judgement on me. you don't know me, i don't know you. we never talked in high school and neither did we talked after high school. you may read my blog, you may have heard stories but in the end, you do not have the right tools to judge me. you don't know how i think, you don't know how i am with my friends, you don't know how i was brought up, you don't even know what i've gone through. you may read the fact that, yes, i am one of the few people in our batch to have an actual life. you may read about my shopping trips or whatever. and for your information, i have lived a full life..much much fuller than any of you combined. and all you could read through my lj is my shallow-ness because that's what i allow you to read. i don't have to go through my days alone in new york or my 70-hour work weeks in an investment bank because it shouldn't matter and i choose not to share it with you. you don't talk to me about real life, mister.

i may call every other pisay 96 person a loser based on all your blogs combined.. but do i say it out loud? no because i know i do not have enough interaction with any of you to give my own valid opinion about you guys.

in the end, what it really boils down to is the fact that you don't know me and i don't know you. and if you have anything to say about me, you better say it to my face.

Grace Velasco
To Ms. Velasco,

I’m sorry if it seemed that I was passing judgement. It was just that what you said at the event really made me think about how life progresses with time, how I’m supposed to be mature now, and how this wedding was like a rude awakening for me as well. Medyo malabo kasi akong magsulat e.. actually in all of the points I made referring to your heartfelt spiel, I was looking at the mirror, passing judgement on me. But it didn’t come out that way on cyberspace, pointing out the lack of skill in writing / getting my point across, which I have been trying to develop, and again, I’m sorry for that. To clarify, try reading “IMO” as “if it was me”. I was thinking about how I had my own “escape group” and was trying to relate it to the topic at hand but then I didn’t write it down like that. Again, I wasn’t seeking to offend, but what you said really made me think, and hence, the entry.

Grammatical errors? I never noticed nor mentioned any… If it was “kids acting as adults”, I meant that, taken at face value, you may have meant that you still felt like a kid at heart and yet the world forces you to act otherwise. Which I promptly related to how I feel. Which is what I do with everything… but of course you don’t know that, like most people I know. If it was a grammatical error, I didn’t note it as such.

It may not mean anything to you coming from a loser guy in the blogging world (you don’t have to say it, I know so), but again, I am sorry for piquing your sensibilities.


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