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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Publishing Through Email and Other Interesting Stuff

I'll just share a few things I picked up this early on 2005:
  1. For some reason, my office does not like my blogging activities, which they showed by blocking the Blogger site. Pasaway kasi nagba-blog during office hours, heheh.  Lesson: use Unipeak whenever possible :)
  2. As a result, I can't post new entries conventionally! Fortunately there is a feature in Blogger that lets me post via email. Coolness!  You need to email to [USERNAME].[SECRET]@blogger.com, where [SECRET] is a word you enter somewhere in your configuration.  It's under the "email" tab.  Easy, right? :)
  3. Oblation is actually a word that means something.  Heheh... 7 years in U.P. and all that time I thought it referred only to the Poe Sr. inspired naked statue.  Courtesy of Dictionary.com's Word of the Day:
Word of the Day for Friday January 7, 2005

   oblation \uh-BLAY-shuhn; oh-\, noun:
   1.  The  act of offering something, such as worship or thanks,
   especially to a deity.
   2.  (Usually  capitalized)  The  act of offering the bread and
   wine of the Eucharist.
   3.  Something  offered  in a religious rite or as a charitable
           Ohhkaaaayy.  Someone explain to me why Oble was named that way, and why he's our... uuuhh... official school icon.  Some sort of representation that we are offering our intellects to the country? Or is it the government who is "offerring" its graduates to a company, or another country? Or is it just harkening to the cliche, "lambs to the slaughter"? Offerings in the Old Testament DID call for a sacrifice....
Wala lang. Just testing the post-via-email thing. :)


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