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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Season 2005 Pre-Midseason NBA Post

I've posted a past article about preseason picks for underachieving. Hey, 2 out of 4 ain't so bad. The Kings are doing what is expected of them this season: not as good as last season, but if they were any better they'd be overachieving. The Heat have been healthy thus far, except for the last two games. Against the not-so-lowly-but-nobody-cares LA Clippers, they missed Wade terribly, especially in the fourth quarter. Corey Maggette hit big shot after big shot after big shot in 2OT while the Heat were scrambling for a clutch player to perform. Shaq tried but he was a missed free throw waiting to happen. Butler tried but missed, Damon Jones had more success, but only a bit more. Wherefore art thou, Eddie Jones?

The Kings however have addressed their recent slide (if you call a 25-11 record a "slide") by trading away their top perimeter defender, positive locker room presence but sliding offensive threat. Offense for defense, Doug Christie for Cuttino Mobley. I was at first skeptical on the trade, thinking that the other team lost too much to be offset by the gains to be had. The Magic will lose 16ppg, and that's nothing to sneeze at since I believe their top 2 offensive performers (Francis and Hill) are already stretched as it is. No way the other Magic players, including Hedo, was going to make up for that. (of course, he then averages 16ppg over the past 5 games, probably just to spite me :p ).

As for the Kings having Mobley, he and the Kings are doing just fine. The Cat buried a clutch 3 to bury the Clips. He had 19 points, 4 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks, and the only clue he was new to the team was his 4 turnovers. But you gotta take the good with the bad, as many Fantasy NBAers such as myself know. :)

One more thing: I can't believe I didn't write in the Nuggets to fail! I promise I had it in my head before the season started, I just didn't get to blog it down. Why? Lesse: They've got 3 very talented bigs competing for 2 slots on the floor but they have no shooters to speak of except for overachieving (and hopelessly injured) Voshon Lenard, their "star" is acting like he's in LaLa Land (he may as well be, who buys 9-carat diamonds anyway??), Lenard was their only shooter (and is now hopelessly injured) and their best offensive threat right now is 5'5". Overall, it spelled doom for Bzedelik and the Nugs.

But otherwise, its been a wildly entertaining NBA season. :) But for some reason, I'm not (yet) excited over the All-Star Game. Maybe if LeBron enters the Slam Dunk contest along with Vince Carter and Kobe? Coz
the return of Grant Hill, injury free ain't enough for me to get excited, and this edition of Corvette vs. Brick Wall shouldn't really produce a Kobe dunk-on-your-head or Shaq-clotheline-from-hell highlight. It's an All-Star Game for crying out loud.

But then again, no one ever thought an NBA player would be crazy enough to charge into the stands and start laying punches....


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