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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Texas Love Affair, Gay Humor, Black Outfit


(Picture from Fox Sports)

Ewan ko lang a.
:p Is it just me who finds something funny with this pic? Hmm....

Homophobic tendencies aside, I recently went to a videoke / comedy club just this Tuesday. It was a first for me to witness such a program, where guests sing their guts out and the hosts wrench it from them afterwards with "imagined and fictional statements that might be close to the truth," to loosely translate the warning that precedes their spiel. Otherwise knowin In the vernacular as "pang-o-okray". Here is where you see Filipino humor in its basest form: crassness = laughs. Bawal ang pikon dito. One guy got scorched because he said "Ano?" to each question, giving the hosts license to call him "Bingi" and "Tanga". A group was thoroughly noted for their getup, gender, and age, calling them "CWL" and making references to prayer meetings, pray-overs and such. A rotund lady was called "Mommy Mojacko". That sort of stuff was being tossed around by the hosts as Chokoleit was making the rounds among the audience.

Me? I was just glad he didn't spot me as I was wearing all-black --- same as the waiter's unis there.

Anyway, they sang as well, but the best singer by far was Anton Diva, who not only had a nice "girl" singing voice, he had the face and the body to match it. I was watching and I was like, shit, he could pass for a girl if I saw him at the street! He adeptly hides the first thing I look for to verify gender: the Adam's Apple. And he looks like a cross between 2 of my pretty women friends to boot. Nakakapraning.

After that, it was the audience's turn. I was expecting some heckling to ensue when the less talented took the mic but no! The first singer actually did OK singing "Before I Let You Go", the second singer had a decent rendition of a James Taylor song that I can't identify right now, and the third.... The third singer came to the stage with his son(!), they each had a guitar(!!), and after singing they promoted their album(!!!).

Potsa ano to, Star Search???? Pinoy talaga o. I guess, knowing that scouts are present at times in such bars, they took the opportunity to showcase their stuff... Cheesy, but the whole show was anyway....

It's nice that I experienced it for the sake of small-talk points, but the gay vibe ain't for me. Not because I don't find it funny, I do, but if I watch them more often, I might like their humor too much and adapt it to my own set of laugh lines, and I'm not up to that: gods know that I crack one too many gay hirits, davah? Charing!

Shit. Too late.


davah? charing? heheh,,, mukhang bagay sa iyo tong words na ito mehn,, heheh ^_^
Haha! Dude, pasalamat ka hindi ka na-spot nung mga host at baka napakanta ka ng walang kamatayang "Why do birds suddenly appear" mo. I've been to one of those places once. May isang guest (gay din) na nag-step up for open mic. Aba, napatunganga ang mga host sa lupet ng rendition nya ng Better Days by Dianne Reeves. Walang maipang-okray ang mga bwiset.

Hmm... if you thought Anton Diva fooled you, you should visit Thailand. Diba Sherwin? Hehehe...
@sherwin: alang ganyanan...

@trebs: napadpad na akong thailand, pero iba yun e... at least hindi pinoy yung nandun, di mo makikita pagkatapos ng bakasyon mo. e ito? You see a lady on the street, you find her attractive.. until you find out that the lady is actually a dude. Yari. :P
Hehe. Dad! Ikaw ha...
Ingat sa mga divang ganyan;)
@wilf: jok lang yung mehn, hehe =)

@trebs: tama ka, kainis dito. di mo minsan masabi kung girlash sila or mga badash! ay ano ba yan, pati ako napapa-chuva na rin,, =)
Anton Diva is a great singer. Its like watching a Regine Velasquez mini concert for half the price. :D As my brother remarked before I killed him... he looks prettier than you ate.
@ pedxing wahahaha!!!

@ sherwin oks lang pre (spoken in roderick paulate voice):)

@clair ingat talaga, as in beware! Made me realize i needed to sharpen my gay-dar. hehe

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