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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iverson Passes to Webber....

You read that right.
Philadelphia 76ers President and General Manager Billy King announced tonight that the Sixers have acquired five-time NBA All-Star forward Chris Webber, along with forwards Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley, in exchange for forwards Brian Skinner, Kenny Thomas and Corliss Williamson.
*from NBA.com

Initial reaction: 76ers are instant contenders!

Naah. It's only a matter of time before Webber gets injured...

Anyway, what have we have here actually benefits both teams. 76ers get instant credibility, some rebounds, crisp passing and scoring from the post. A jump-shooting point-forward is perfect for coach Jim O'Brien's coaching style. Plus, AI now gets the All-Star help he has openly coveted so much. The worry now is injury; post trade they will have only Webber, Samuel Dalembert, and Marc Jackson as the legit pivot men. If one of the 3 gets injured (as is certain), there will be trouble since they will be forced to use Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley, the trade throw ins who are just that. The 76ers are gambling on an injury-prone Webber. They realize it's now or never for the Sixers to make a legit push for the postseason. Iverson is not getting any younger, and he is at his peak right now - some may even dare say a peak where there is no way to go but down.

As for the Kings, they get youth, athleticism, and depth, something they lacked for the longest time. Unlike Philly, they weren't willing to gamble on Webber's shaky knees but instead is placing the load on its 4 stars: Mobley, Bibby, Brad Miller, and Peja. Considering that the Kings have shown they can win without Webber, how well Miller and Stojakovic plays without him, and how things can only get better when B-Jax returns from his injury, Webber really was the most logical candidate to go. That's not even counting his Whopper of a contract. Plus, Kenny Thomas and Brian Skinner may still improve. They have shown flashes of brilliance last season and may just be waiting for the right system for their talents.

Advantage in the trade? Short term - 76ers (barring an injury), long term - Kings.

Now I got to go back to studying... got a Business Law exam later. Can't rely on stock knowledge this time around. What has I.E. got to do with Business Law?? Anyway, wish me luck!


The Good:
Philly now has 2 star-caliber guys who can draw double teams and who are great passers which means better ball movement for them.

The Bad:
Both players are injury prone and both have already reached (or passed) their prime. The trade is too short-sighted, I think.

The Ugly:
Tama na NBA talk! Kelan ang totoong basketball?!?!
nice one trebs sa "the ugly",,heheh

definitely sixers will be a contender this year barring any injury from webber. coach jim o'brien will learn from the pick and roll of webber-bibby on kings and will use iverson instead. plus iverson have hinted that if the sixers doesn't acquire an all-star caliber player he will play for another team next season. his wish was granted and it's all a matter of time if both all-star can co-exist with each other. things will open up for korver (btw, kamukha ni kutcher ba iyon? yung sa movie, dude where's my car?, heheh). plus solid performance from iguodala and samuel will make the sixer prime in taking the atlantic division title.

as for the kings, well wala akong masabi. maybe it's a matter of time also kung this trade will work into their advantage. they still have bibby, peja, mobley and miller. that cast alone can still contend for a ring.
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Tama Sherwin! Si Korver ung Ashton Kutcher look-alike. Hahaha!

Eto tol, hulaan mo kung sino kamukha ni Usher.
trebs, sirit! di ko maisip eh :D
ooopps,, alam ko na!

si devin brown ng san antonio spurs!! heheh, tama ba?
di ba si TMac? Mwehehe

Ampootsa basket tayo! (parang hindi ako yung may pasok pag sabado... hehe)
great topic, keep up the great posts, MMA

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