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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Retirement of a Great One

If you had played basketball with me, you would've found out that I have a borderline obsession with the 3-point shot. I love taking the 3, and I love it when it goes in for me. (Which is around 1 out of every 10 times, and only during shootarounds - never when it'll count in games)

The main reason why I love the 3-ball is Reggie Miller. Ever since I watched his 8-points in 8.9 seconds performance (1995, Eastern Conf. Semis, vs New Choke Knicks), I was a Miller-time junkie. He was clutch. He was there when you needed him, and most He's the reason why I used to practice with my back to the basket out on the 3-point area, dribbling, then suddenly turning and firing up a shot (Miller does this during pregame shoootarounds, turning when the shotclock is at "1".) This is the reason why I wanted to develop that weird-looking follow-through that Miller has on his shot (it seems to me that his hands flick sideways after each J). But most importantly for me, he is the biggest reason that pushed me to know more teams aside from the Jordan-led Bulls and barangay Ginebra, and subsequently made me want to know more about the NBA in general.

You will be sorely missed. Especially since there will probably be no one else quite like you.*

And you're always welcome to change your mind about retiring. Ü

P.S. As requested by Sherwin Ü

*Not just a cliche, since the closest comparison is Richard Hamilton, and he doesn't shoot 3's. Michael Redd? We'll see....


hey, thanks for handing down my request. really appreciate it mehn,, =)

since this is an nbaaddict blog, i thought reggie deserves to be on it,, really appreaciated it bro
no problemo heheh

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