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Monday, March 28, 2005

Random Babbling - The Holy Week, Baguio, and an Entertaining NBA Blog

Fan of basketball? Want to know what benched players *really* think? Nothing to do? Read this:


I never thought an NBA.com article could be this entertaining. And truthfully brutal :D Just read on!
Anyone noticed that MYMP's "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways" was pulled out of the airwaves when Nina released her version of the song? Kawawang MYMP... they had a decent cover of the song but Nina blew them out of the water. Now they *had* to release "Constantly" because Nina also has it in her album. Beating her to the punch, so to speak.
Is everyone this scared of Meningococcema (sp) or is the beach suddenly in vogue because everyone wants to flaunt their South-Beached body? Baguio probably had a 40% occupancy rate. Except for SM Baguio, the places were strangely uncrowded, and traffic wasn't bad at all!
An inane brother of my brother-in-law (How do you call a brother of your bro-in-law?) posted this question:

If Jesus Christ died on Good Friday, why was it called "Good"?

Stumped me for a good while.
Just finished reading the second of 2 e-books on my cellphone: "The Da Vinci Code". Not the best book to read while renewing your faith during Holy Week, to say the least. But it was entertaining, and it kept me up one night during vacation. Always a good experience in my book, heheh. Ü You just have to read it knowing there are facts in the book, but know that the facts were interpreted by a sci-fi writer. Consider it your warning.
I finished "The Alchemist" 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness for RepliGo. If you find yourself in line or in traffic often, or just want to read without lugging around that heavy hardbound, this is a must download.
Ayos pamatay-oras. You can get e-books here (free registration required).
Went to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. I thought there was an improvement made in their facilities. Di namin siguro napuntahan yung beach na may improvements, nasa Governor's Island(?) lang kami e. Andami pang tao. Mga jologs pa wiset. Nung nakita nila yung ate kong naka-shorts at naka bikini top, sumigaw ba naman ng "Pare, may hubad!" Shet. Ngayon lang nakakita ng naka-bikini. Dapat talaga sa secluded area na kami nagpadala e.
Ah, and what trip to the beach would be complete without kodakan :p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One of the Hundred Islands - almost as big as my nose

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Para naman masabing hindi ako self - centered -- I did notice that it is nice out there ;) Good place to listen to the heart of the land and the sea, to paraphrase The Alchemist

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Not at the beach, but in Baguio. Look not at me, but at the cuuute little butterfwy on my hand. Yeech.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mannnny Paaacqqquiaoooo!!!!

Manny Pacquiao lost! Some people were lamenting that if it weren't for the head cut, we would've had the chance. Irregardless, the fact is that Manny was outfoxed and outboxed from Round 1. Yes, he was aggressive, and yes, he did land some punches and won a few rounds, but Morales was hardly fazed and was steady. He was infinitely more prepared than the other Mexican that Pacquiao felled, Barrera. Pacquiao was well scouted by Morales' camp. But would this be the last PPV for Pacquiao? Heck no! Did you hear the crowd in the MGM grand through your TV's? If only based on that, We'll be sure to see the Pac-man again.

Better prepared physically and more importantly, mentally next time.

We still applaud the effort you gave, though. If anyone was going to lose a boxing match, let it be that way... not by a lousy bonehead mistake in judging.

Friday, March 18, 2005

GSB Night (Part 2)

Graduate School of Business Night-capper
(continued from Part 1)

10:18 - To be fair, Merk’s was the first place that we saw with 2 adjacent vacant tables. The tables were not inside the bar, which had its pros and cons.

  • Fresh air
  • A better view of the party happening at neighbor Absynth. Plus we get to listen to the sounds next door.
  • A bit more distance + a glass wall dividing us from the septuagenarian crowd inside.

  • No aircon
  • Since we didn’t have to see over a crowd, we had a better (side) view of R.J. Jacinto playing guitars with a woman (in her late 30’s?) wearing a bra top and leggings dancing around with a tambourine. Reminded me distinctly of Margie in Ray: she was enlisted as a backup singer, but her gyrating onstage showed that she was there primarily to add a female presence, IMO.
  • We are constantly reminded (ok, envious) of the neighboring alternative place where the people were more our age level.
  • I had to constantly wish and pray that no one I knew would walk by and see me at Merks’. I would’ve died on the spot if anyone did. I don't need this...Jeez. I am uncool enough as it is.

10:30 – Hirits of the night:
  • “We’re sitting here??? Wait, I gotta fetch my parents …”
  • “They’re playing my parents’ theme song!”
  • [Upon hearing yet another 60’s song] “OK, uwian na. Tara!”
  • (After Father claps after a performance) "Father, aminin mo na, di ka na nakatiis, nag-eenjoy ka e!" And he promptly stops in mid-clap, and sheepishly replies, “Courtesy lang sa nagpeperform…” (yeah right :D )
  • "Edra, kapanahunan mo!"

All spoken while totally disregarding the fact that Richard Merk was sitting on the table right beside us at one point.

10:37 – Wow, someone ordered food! Oh, well. Let the torture continue. I thought we’d just drink one beer then get out of there but NOOO… I was hoping that I could get away from the place sooner rather than later…

10:40 – RJ announces that they’ll be playing a song that was a huge hit.

10:41 – As expected, we did not recognize the song. Wow, hit na hit talaga! Unless alam sya ni Father. J/K…

10:45 – When you hear “Blue Suede Shoes" during your gimik, it’s time to pack up. Seriously. So why am I still here? My parents brought me up to be too nice to just leave ‘em here. Waargh.

10:47 – Wow, RJ just played the guitar solo by placing the guitar at the back of his head! If it wasn’t so OLD school I’d be cheering.

10:52 – Just saw a grandma take her blazer off to reveal a bustier. Wanting to spare my eyes and sanity, I looked away – and was granted a view of a cute female in a see-through blouse and bra top.

Maybe I already have died and gone to purgatory.

11:21 – Just saw a 50 to 60 -something dad do an Eddie Guerrero/Antoine Walker shimmy shake. Good thing his kids weren’t here. If he was my dad I’d probably tackle him so that he’d stop his inanity. Gods, will this never end??

11:40 – Someone has answered my prayers! Nope, its not the end of their set. Nope, they didn’t have an alternate.

Someone in our group asked for the bill. :D

12:01 – I’m finally on my way home. Passed by McArthur Highway to spare myself the Php42 toll fee, cheapskate that I am. Bakit ba, wala namang trapik e…

Disclaimer: Merk’s is actually a cool place to be in IF you're a member of their target market. I obviously am not. Not yet anyway...

Till the next, peeps! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

GSB Night (Part 1)

After failing that Business Econ exam, I needed a break. And what better way than to attend a party that grants its attendees a plus-10 in their exams? The bad part is we had to fork over Php450 to attend it. The ugly? Php450 was too much to pay. We'll get into that later. On to my first "real-time" blog entry...

Getting There
6pm - Call time on the invite said 6pm. Naturally, I left Bulacan at that time to get there a bit late, but early by Filipino standards^_^

6:20 - Traffic at EDSA. What else is new? I knew I should've taken C-5! Wait, maybe I could. Lessee... East Ave --> QC Circle --> Katipunan --> Libis --> C-5....

6:45 - ...where now I am in a worse traffic jam than before. :-/ At least I get to see the traffic intersection (Kalayaan - C5) that Binay and BF are squabbling over. U-turn scheme or stoplight? Kids, stop arguing and build a freakin' flyover to get it over with! Jeez.

The GSB Night Proper
7:30 - Finally, the NBA Addict has returned to the RCBC tower! Ok, if you aren't a fan of the WWE/The Rock, you wouldn't have gotten that.

7:30 - Ticket says 40th floor, RCBC Tower. Sounds promising! So I got on the elevator, making sure that I was courteous with the people I rode the elevator with just in case one of them was the wife of the owner of the tower (can't have another Gretchen-esque scandal :p). Pushed "40". Waited a few moments - "ding!"

7:33 - Door opens to a largely unadorned building floor space, with its pipings and electricals jutting out of the ceiling, with minimal decors to cover-up the effing thing. Imagine your office floor without the walls, furniture, walls, nor ceiling. What you have left is a floor with an elevator in the middle and nothing else. Got it? Add a few banner ads, monoblocks, and buffet tables on one side, and a makeshift stage, a projector screen, and lightings on the other. Would've been OK but the bare (sometimes unpainted) walls distracted me too much. Obviously I was not impressed with the "warehouse party" look. This is what I get for my Php450?? And to think that price already came with a 10% discount. Jeez.

7:40 - At least the food was marginally good. And there's beer! Pale pilsen, not San Mig Light, but it'll do. :D

8:00 - The program started, finally. Acoustics are lousy in this place - it limited any conversation about the program to: "What did he say?" "Ano daw?" "Si Ma'am Rena na ba yung binibigyan ng award?" "Cute yung host! Pero yung suot nya palda lang.. na ginawang tube!" :p

8:30 - Prof. Rena de la Cruz was presented with an excellence in teaching award. Congrats Ma'am! Don't forget our bonus points! >:D And now that we've done our secondary objective for the night (namely provide our teacher with "pala" or a cheering squad of sorts), its time for the primary objective: socialize with classmates.

9:40 - After a modeling show, some talking, drinking, kibitzing, and camwhoring (check out Jaz's flickr), we decided to screw the raffle, say goodbye to the USB thumbdisks and Php10k watches, and decided that we should just hang out somewhere else. Our section split into groups, and the group I was with headed for Greenbelt 3, Coffee Beanery.

GSB Night-capper
9:55 - Hmm.. The Coffee Beanery is full. And it's even worse at Starbucks and Seattle's Best. So off we go to the second floor to find a more suitable place...

10:18 - Buddha Bar? We just ate at RCBC... Red Box? Naah. Not everyone was a singer in the group. Absynth? Too crowded and noisy for some of us. So where is it in GB3 that the noise level low enough to support a decent conversation, the prices are decent, and (most importantly) would still have a vacant table for a group of 8? We found a place.. and it was at...

...horror of horrors...


(To be continued)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Blargh exam.

Midterms for Business Econ. Bought a book for eight hundred fifty fucking bucks that I'll probably use thrice in my lifetime. Reviewed my notes. Recalled what was discussed in class. Read the parts of the book that, to my recollection, was discussed in class. Read all of the chapter summaries for good measure. :p Of course, there could be something wrong with my listening habits in class, but I seriously doubt that my ears wouldn't have picked up concentration ratios and what-not. I seriously did not recognize most of the terms bandied around during the exam.

Needless to say, I felt like I was punk'd like I was back in EEE: where exams given assume you memorized the book, irregardless of what was discussed in class before you had any idea on how to tackle the problems. Where you were given seatworks as simple as 1+1, but long exams was in the line of the double integral of x-squared + 3xy + 2 dx.... I never thought this would happen in grad school.

Granted, I did cram, and I will deserve the 20-30% score that I am certain I will get. But the exam was way too academic for a graduate course emphasizing application onto the real world. But who am I to speak. I'm only the student who paid their cashier Php18,033 this term to get massacred.

Ah, well. At least Ma'am Gev ain't the dean in this college. I guess I'll havta make the Php850 (not to mention the eighteen grand) worth my while, then.