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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Blargh exam.

Midterms for Business Econ. Bought a book for eight hundred fifty fucking bucks that I'll probably use thrice in my lifetime. Reviewed my notes. Recalled what was discussed in class. Read the parts of the book that, to my recollection, was discussed in class. Read all of the chapter summaries for good measure. :p Of course, there could be something wrong with my listening habits in class, but I seriously doubt that my ears wouldn't have picked up concentration ratios and what-not. I seriously did not recognize most of the terms bandied around during the exam.

Needless to say, I felt like I was punk'd like I was back in EEE: where exams given assume you memorized the book, irregardless of what was discussed in class before you had any idea on how to tackle the problems. Where you were given seatworks as simple as 1+1, but long exams was in the line of the double integral of x-squared + 3xy + 2 dx.... I never thought this would happen in grad school.

Granted, I did cram, and I will deserve the 20-30% score that I am certain I will get. But the exam was way too academic for a graduate course emphasizing application onto the real world. But who am I to speak. I'm only the student who paid their cashier Php18,033 this term to get massacred.

Ah, well. At least Ma'am Gev ain't the dean in this college. I guess I'll havta make the Php850 (not to mention the eighteen grand) worth my while, then.


even if you memorized the contents of the book from cover to cover, there ain't no "transfer pricing" and "HH-whatever concentration ratio" terminologies that can be found written on it! BLARGH!

nevertheless, we ain't quitting =)
amen to that. No way am I going to say quit on an econ subject.

But i now have to say good bye to any DL aspirations.. heheh
can you dig it, suckaahhh??!??!
Oh well...
It isn't as bad as EEE days naman...
ye bad trip! pero tataas naman (siguro) sweldo mo pagkatapos mo niyan hehe

re: improving google search
oo nga naalala ko yung sinabi sa techtv...
Are you taking MS Econ or MBA? And where? I need to know where I should NOT take my Masters
@ kiven Whaatt?? (3:16)

@ clair thanks Ü and no, it wouldnt be as bad, especially if i get to pass :)

@ olrayt sana nga ba kung ganun e...

@ pedxing DLSU, MBA. I do recommend la salle, because apparently it's the best from the trifecta as against UP / Ateneo. Thats what my peers say anyways.

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