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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

GSB Night (Part 1)

After failing that Business Econ exam, I needed a break. And what better way than to attend a party that grants its attendees a plus-10 in their exams? The bad part is we had to fork over Php450 to attend it. The ugly? Php450 was too much to pay. We'll get into that later. On to my first "real-time" blog entry...

Getting There
6pm - Call time on the invite said 6pm. Naturally, I left Bulacan at that time to get there a bit late, but early by Filipino standards^_^

6:20 - Traffic at EDSA. What else is new? I knew I should've taken C-5! Wait, maybe I could. Lessee... East Ave --> QC Circle --> Katipunan --> Libis --> C-5....

6:45 - ...where now I am in a worse traffic jam than before. :-/ At least I get to see the traffic intersection (Kalayaan - C5) that Binay and BF are squabbling over. U-turn scheme or stoplight? Kids, stop arguing and build a freakin' flyover to get it over with! Jeez.

The GSB Night Proper
7:30 - Finally, the NBA Addict has returned to the RCBC tower! Ok, if you aren't a fan of the WWE/The Rock, you wouldn't have gotten that.

7:30 - Ticket says 40th floor, RCBC Tower. Sounds promising! So I got on the elevator, making sure that I was courteous with the people I rode the elevator with just in case one of them was the wife of the owner of the tower (can't have another Gretchen-esque scandal :p). Pushed "40". Waited a few moments - "ding!"

7:33 - Door opens to a largely unadorned building floor space, with its pipings and electricals jutting out of the ceiling, with minimal decors to cover-up the effing thing. Imagine your office floor without the walls, furniture, walls, nor ceiling. What you have left is a floor with an elevator in the middle and nothing else. Got it? Add a few banner ads, monoblocks, and buffet tables on one side, and a makeshift stage, a projector screen, and lightings on the other. Would've been OK but the bare (sometimes unpainted) walls distracted me too much. Obviously I was not impressed with the "warehouse party" look. This is what I get for my Php450?? And to think that price already came with a 10% discount. Jeez.

7:40 - At least the food was marginally good. And there's beer! Pale pilsen, not San Mig Light, but it'll do. :D

8:00 - The program started, finally. Acoustics are lousy in this place - it limited any conversation about the program to: "What did he say?" "Ano daw?" "Si Ma'am Rena na ba yung binibigyan ng award?" "Cute yung host! Pero yung suot nya palda lang.. na ginawang tube!" :p

8:30 - Prof. Rena de la Cruz was presented with an excellence in teaching award. Congrats Ma'am! Don't forget our bonus points! >:D And now that we've done our secondary objective for the night (namely provide our teacher with "pala" or a cheering squad of sorts), its time for the primary objective: socialize with classmates.

9:40 - After a modeling show, some talking, drinking, kibitzing, and camwhoring (check out Jaz's flickr), we decided to screw the raffle, say goodbye to the USB thumbdisks and Php10k watches, and decided that we should just hang out somewhere else. Our section split into groups, and the group I was with headed for Greenbelt 3, Coffee Beanery.

GSB Night-capper
9:55 - Hmm.. The Coffee Beanery is full. And it's even worse at Starbucks and Seattle's Best. So off we go to the second floor to find a more suitable place...

10:18 - Buddha Bar? We just ate at RCBC... Red Box? Naah. Not everyone was a singer in the group. Absynth? Too crowded and noisy for some of us. So where is it in GB3 that the noise level low enough to support a decent conversation, the prices are decent, and (most importantly) would still have a vacant table for a group of 8? We found a place.. and it was at...

...horror of horrors...


(To be continued)


hmm....so, type mo pala yung host na naka-kurtina huh? *LOL*
well.. ala naman akong nakitang ibang cute sa party e..

bukod sa classmates ko opcors :D

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