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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mannnny Paaacqqquiaoooo!!!!

Manny Pacquiao lost! Some people were lamenting that if it weren't for the head cut, we would've had the chance. Irregardless, the fact is that Manny was outfoxed and outboxed from Round 1. Yes, he was aggressive, and yes, he did land some punches and won a few rounds, but Morales was hardly fazed and was steady. He was infinitely more prepared than the other Mexican that Pacquiao felled, Barrera. Pacquiao was well scouted by Morales' camp. But would this be the last PPV for Pacquiao? Heck no! Did you hear the crowd in the MGM grand through your TV's? If only based on that, We'll be sure to see the Pac-man again.

Better prepared physically and more importantly, mentally next time.

We still applaud the effort you gave, though. If anyone was going to lose a boxing match, let it be that way... not by a lousy bonehead mistake in judging.


He gave a very good fight, though he was outboxed with class. Morales is one classy boxer, galing. But I'm sure we'll see lots of Manny in the next few years.
pacman's effort was there. just didn't use his head that much. everytime he was hit, he kept taunting morales to bring it on, then he'll be hit again. damn strategy didn't work. and that morales' chin was made of granite or something.
galing, napanood ko ito dito,,, pero ung decision na ang napanood ko. taena kasi thai cable,,

pero balita ko, talagang matindi si morales eh. anyway, sana may rematch.
@Markku yeah, even though he lost, it doesnt mean he's no good. on the contrary, he matched up quite well with morales. He did look like the untamed bull to morales' matador though...

@paningit - well, he did have a gameplan: outbox morales. but morales was one step ahead in terms of strategy. Failure on boxing coach's part, imo.

@sherwin - rematch? Maybe... tignan natin kung sino uunahing i-match - baka kasi barerra-morales ulit e
bad trip nga e. buti talaga hindi ako pumusta (para namang makakahanap akong pupusta para kay morales hehe)
bad trip nga e. buti talaga hindi ako pumusta (para namang makakahanap akong pupusta para kay morales hehe)
honga. basta dapat manalo na si pacquiao sa next nyang laban!!!

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