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Monday, March 28, 2005

Random Babbling - The Holy Week, Baguio, and an Entertaining NBA Blog

Fan of basketball? Want to know what benched players *really* think? Nothing to do? Read this:


I never thought an NBA.com article could be this entertaining. And truthfully brutal :D Just read on!
Anyone noticed that MYMP's "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways" was pulled out of the airwaves when Nina released her version of the song? Kawawang MYMP... they had a decent cover of the song but Nina blew them out of the water. Now they *had* to release "Constantly" because Nina also has it in her album. Beating her to the punch, so to speak.
Is everyone this scared of Meningococcema (sp) or is the beach suddenly in vogue because everyone wants to flaunt their South-Beached body? Baguio probably had a 40% occupancy rate. Except for SM Baguio, the places were strangely uncrowded, and traffic wasn't bad at all!
An inane brother of my brother-in-law (How do you call a brother of your bro-in-law?) posted this question:

If Jesus Christ died on Good Friday, why was it called "Good"?

Stumped me for a good while.
Just finished reading the second of 2 e-books on my cellphone: "The Da Vinci Code". Not the best book to read while renewing your faith during Holy Week, to say the least. But it was entertaining, and it kept me up one night during vacation. Always a good experience in my book, heheh. Ü You just have to read it knowing there are facts in the book, but know that the facts were interpreted by a sci-fi writer. Consider it your warning.
I finished "The Alchemist" 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness for RepliGo. If you find yourself in line or in traffic often, or just want to read without lugging around that heavy hardbound, this is a must download.
Ayos pamatay-oras. You can get e-books here (free registration required).
Went to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. I thought there was an improvement made in their facilities. Di namin siguro napuntahan yung beach na may improvements, nasa Governor's Island(?) lang kami e. Andami pang tao. Mga jologs pa wiset. Nung nakita nila yung ate kong naka-shorts at naka bikini top, sumigaw ba naman ng "Pare, may hubad!" Shet. Ngayon lang nakakita ng naka-bikini. Dapat talaga sa secluded area na kami nagpadala e.
Ah, and what trip to the beach would be complete without kodakan :p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One of the Hundred Islands - almost as big as my nose

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Para naman masabing hindi ako self - centered -- I did notice that it is nice out there ;) Good place to listen to the heart of the land and the sea, to paraphrase The Alchemist

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Not at the beach, but in Baguio. Look not at me, but at the cuuute little butterfwy on my hand. Yeech.


i swear it -
i think everyone went to somewhere great during holy week while i was working lyk a dog :D

looks lyk you had fun :)
Looks like you had fun too :))
@claudzki, brymac - naw not really, just a wee bit :) but since i wasnt with happy(my gf), part of me wished that i was just at bulacan and no where else.
reading ur comment above made me go like "awwww, ang sweet naman" and "swerte naman ng gf mo".....pero teka lang, u sure ur wilfred? haha!!
it took me 3 months to finish da vinci code (coz there's school work in between).. but it was worth it. :D

improvement in hundred islands?? saan dun?? eheheheh..
nag-improve na ba 100 islands? hehe

oo nga, what's up with dwyane wade's first name?
@jaz oo nga e... si NBA Addict nga pala to dapat! To heck with my GF!!! I'm a guy! Guys rule!!! *girlfriend glares* Ehehe... kunwari lang yun hon.. i love you :) (andres ba wahaha)

@abi I have no clue kung meron mang improvement... nabasa ko lang sa dyaryo na meron. As claimed by your mayor/governor? :shrug:

@logs baka medyo dyslexic yung nurse na gumawa nung birth certificate ehehehe
i like mymp's version better, kawawa nga sila.
yup, exactly. I like both versions actually. Can I also say that both albums are good buys :thumbsup:
I find both version better than the original. Yes, Wilf both albums look good. I'm actually getting the MYMP album on the way home mamaya. Hehehe. Na-inlab ako sa boses nung vocalist e.
wow bibili hindi download ng mp3 :p which is of course better for our artists... :)
I haven't heard the MYMP version yet. Kayo lang ni Trebs nagsabi sa akin na meron :D

I was supposed to go to Baguio early in March kaya lang something came up. Can you believe that I haven't been to Baguio for more than a decade?!

*sigh* I used to go with Mom and Dad sa mga company trips to Baguio. Natataon kasi na birthday ko usually. Dati yun. Oh well.
don't get me wrong. but it was nice to see baguio with less tourists crawling around during the holy week. for a change.
@clair you probably wont get to hear the MYMP version on the radio nowadays.. and even if you did, you might mistake it for the nina version. Nag-away na nga kami ng kapatid ko dyan e. (NINA YAN! HINDI MYMP!) re baguio - thats too bad... but it'll always be there. teka, kasama din ata ako dati sa company outings a... /:-i

@a heheh spoken like a true baguio native.
Talaga? Ni hindi tayo nagkita dun noon?! *laugh!*
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