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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I love the silence between us.

We don't have to say anything, You know that I love you, and that you love me too.

I've become a better person with you. With you I've become a bit more sociable, more patient, and more understanding of others around me.

I'm an infinitely better person with you, I know that from experience.

I love you, and I would like to be with you forever.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Too Much T-Mac, Too Little D

Or so most headlines would read. While his near triple-double (22, 8 and 10) and his shot with 2.2 remaining was key, the Rockets were allowed to make more than half (54.8%) of their shots, led by Yao's monsterrific 13-14 FG. Granted, the guy is 8 feet tall, but Coach Avery must be chewing his team out right now. So much for the defense first makeover of the Mavs.

Of course, Houston didn't really do good on the defensive end either (they let Howard penetrate too easily, and the Mavs shot 50%) but Nowitzki was 8-21 with [insert name of Rockets SG] guarding him. That's not too shabby. Jeff van Gundy's D - ploys is still the difference maker here, IMO. Never mind that I might be wrong on the 6-game prediction. Go Jeff my man!

And dang, just 3 days into the playoffs, and 3 of my bets to win the first round seem to be in jeopardy. Blech. But you gotta love Miller. Yeah!

Monday, April 25, 2005

First Round Predictions

Heavy oficework dumped on me because of a Boracay-halved workweek will not deter this NBA Addict, no sir, from posting thoughts on the playoffs. I've had 14 long hours to think about it, you see, since I took the MV Virgin Mary for the trip home. Anywhoo, because of time constraints and my (virtual) pile of files on my desktop, I'll be limiting my prediction analysis to 2-3 sentences per matchup. After which, I'll be towing the company line as sad as LeBron practicing his 3-pointer while watching Wade and Melo (and Darko!) in the Gund arena Jumbotron.

PHOENIX (1) vs. MEMPHIS (8) (Suns lead 1-0) - Phoenix in 5. Fratello will figure them out by game 4, but it'll be too little too late for the Grizz. This series surely will be watched by Avery and Van Gundy, no doubt.

DALLAS (4) vs. HOUSTON (5) (Houston leads 1-0) - Houston in 6. Just because I trust Van Gundy more.

MIAMI (1) vs. NEW JERSEY (8) (Heat leads 1-0) - Miami in 4. As if there was any doubt.

CHICAGO (4) vs. WASHINGTON (5) (Chicago leads 1-0) - The "Who's watching?" playoff match of the season, da Bulls will get theirs, in 7 games. This will be a home-court playoff series.

SAN ANTONIO (2) vs. DENVER (7) (Nuggets lead 1-0) - I HONESTLY thought before the playoffs started that the Nuggets will get one game. I just didn't think it would be Game 1. That said, I'm revising my original Spurs in 5 prediction to... naaahhhh.

SEATTLE (3) vs. SACRAMENTO (6) (Sonics lead 1-0) - Hardest to call, but I'll stick with the Sonics. Hot team, relatively gelled lineup, and too little C-Webb for the Kings. Sonics in 6.

BOSTON (3) vs. INDIANA (6) (Boston leads 1-0) - Much as I'd love for the Pacers and Pistons to meet in the second round, Boston is just too focused and too deep to lose this series. Boston in 5, only because Miller will put on a fireworks display at the Conseco Fieldhouse.

DETROIT (2) vs. PHILADELPHIA (7) (Pistons lead 1-0) - Sticking my head out, but Detroit in 4. This should be a statement series for the defending champs, and a message to Miami.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cavs or New Jersey?

As of today, the Eastern Conference's last seed in the NBA is the only thing not set in stone. It comes down to two teams: the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Jersey Nets. They are tied at 40-40 (as of blog time) with two games left. New Jersey has the tiebreaker.

I don't know which team to root for.

Ok, recap: The New Jersey Nets seemed to start the season on a rebuilding mission: they traded away K-Mart for draft picks, they traded away their starting 2-guard (Kittles) for a 2nd round draft pick, and their 2nd string shooting guard (Harris) for 2 heads of cabbage. In seeming retaliation, Jason Kidd chose to rehabilitate his knee at the start of the season. They were a lottery team for a third of the season. But then a very strange thing happened. The Nets management turned around, publicly said they regretted trading one of their all-stars, and got Vince Carter. And, despite a season-ending injury on Richard Jefferson, Jason Kidd got back just in time to tag-team with Carter and lead this rag-tag team of NBDL players to a .500 record (the first time this season for the the brink of a postseason appearance.

It's quite different with the Cavs. First came "Boozergate", but GM Paxson immediately made up for that by getting Gooden and Vajerao. They got Eric Snow, a nice rotation PG. Unlike the Nets, they were winning at the start of the season. Life was good. But then a new owner came around. Coach Silas had problems with his PG McInnis AND GM Paxson. And faster than you can say "Bamboozled", it went downhill for the Cavs. The addition of Jiri Welsh was not the fix-it that they had hoped for. It was even worse after Silas was canned. Poor Bronnie couldn't carry his team because he needs better support than this.

So who do you cheer for: A team with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and possibly Richard Jefferson, or a team with LeBron James and Z?

A team with management that turned it around and somehow made up for its preseason blunder moves? Or a a team with transitional management that probably didn't know any better?

A team with an inspired (or should I say, not uninspired) Vince Carter carrying the team in scoring, hurting Raptors fans everywhere because he didn't even try in Toronto? Or a team with management that has made personnel blunders left and right, firing Silas, failed to reach the playoffs with LeBron last year, and is threatening to do so again this year?

Who do you pick to have the rights to get massacred by the Miami Heat in the first round?

Stay tuned.

Update: It looks like both are 41-41 after today. New Jersey's next opponent: the revamped Celtics. The Cavs' opponent?

The Toronto Raptors.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe the Raps will tank this game, just to spite New Jersey and VC. But if New Jersey wins vs. the Celts tomorrow, its all moot since they own the tiebreaker.

But personally, I wish the Cavs make it somehow, even though the odds are against them. LeBron James deserves better than the situation he is in. Plus, a LeBron-Wade matchup in the playoffs could be the first meeting between two rivals in the future. But it doesn't matter either way, because Miami will chew any of them up in 4.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No Such Luck

Sunday - Woke up to CR-V with one front tire deflated and the other also nearly so. Had to spend close to an hour changing one tire. Not really how you want to spend a weekend morning. Had to bring the vehicle to the local neighborhood vulcanizing shop to get the 2 tires fixed. As the guy was returning the just-fixed tire, he unadvertedly pushed the CR-V, it rolled backwards, the jack fell out from under the CR-V, and the only thing that kept the CR-V from the ground was a just-fixed tire propping the vehicle up. That loosened the mudguard, but it is still attached to the vehicle.

I paid Php100 and kept my silence, just repressing my initial anger, thinking that the vulcanizing helper-guy would never be in any position to pay for a thousands-peso realignment and fix-it job. Of course my father was pissed when I told him about it. Well that's me: never angry when I should be, unnecessarily angry at the most inappropriate times and things. But that isn't my point. The CR-V incident looks like the start of a dreadful week.

Monday - I knew I brought my glasses, I even remember taking them out of my car the night before and placing them in my bag. But, in line with this week being a wonderful week, it (most likely) dropped out of the bag, leaving me with a day-long migraine while working and cramming for one of my 2 papers due this week for my MBA.

Tuesday - I thought oversleeping in the FX, forcing me to take a Php20 tricycle ride back to my house, was my bad luck for the day. (Incidentally, how is it fair that an airconditioned ride for 20km costs Php40, but it cost me Php20 to ride in a lousy tricycle for 1.5km?) Well, it could be argued that this time, it wasn't bad luck, but just plain stupidity, but here goes: I was hungry and was looking for a midnight snack to help keep me up while I was cramming for a paper. I raid the ref and saw a penoy. Apropos, I thought, pampatibay ng tuhod, not to mention that it was my topic for my industry paper - poultry, I mean. Anywhoo, I plopped it into a glass of water, popped it into the microwave, set it for a minute, waited, then BOOM! With a flash of light, I saw the egg explode inside the microwave oven. Strangely enough, the egg was still intact, and would've been possible to eat had it been NOT stale. But now, the microwave oven is broken.

Wow, bad luck, irony, AND stupidity in one paragraph. Story of my life, it seems.

Wednesday and Thursday - I have 2 final exams and 2 papers due on these days. Nuff said.

Friday - I'm quite sure something *will* happen this day...

Saturday - A housewarming party of one of my ex-officemates, sure to be complete with alcohol, beer, food, and hard drinks, is in conflict with a previous commitment with my girlfriend.

This is not my week.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

NBA Update: Lakers are Out!

As my new blog acquaintance paningit commented on my previous post, the Lakers are now statistically out of the playoffs. Now their history reads: 2003-'04: NBA Finals. 2004-'05: Lottery. Congratulations, Lakers. Congratulations, Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss. Congratulations Kobe. Woot.


With less than 10 games to go into the season, the Cavaliers are still on a freefall from the standings. Just over one month ago they could've been facing fellow playoff newbie Wizards if they held on to their seeding. Now? courtesy of a 7-14 record since last month, they slid all the way to 7th, where they will face 2nd seed, battle-ready Pistons. Firing Coach Silas was a mistake. And current 6th seed Pacers, #8 Sixers, and the Nets are not letting up.


Speaking of the Pacers, how about Rick Carlisle as Coach of the Year? Sure, Mike D'Antoni (Suns) made fastbreak basketball in vogue again, Nate McMillan (Sonics) and Scott Skiles (Suns) did a nice job in breaking all expectations, and Mike Fratello (Grizzlies) and George Karl (Nuggets) did a great job turning things around for their teams. But did any of them lose 3 of their starters at the same time due to suspensions for more than a month? Was any of them subjected to the same media / court circus, post-Palace brawl? Man, Carlisle even had to handle a *lot* of injuries, most notably J-O'neal's season-ending injury. But where are the Pacers now? 6th seed and no signs of slowing down. That's gotta be worth a mention.


As a last aside, I would just like to say that I hate Channel 9. First it was the commercials from the Paquiao fight that broadcasted the actual "live" coverage on a 3-hour delay. All a jackass had to do was surf the internet and spoil the results to everyone (which happened on some radio stations, I believe). That I understood, because, lets face it. This is the only time that RPN-9 can earn money. Let's cut them some slack.

What got me was when I was watching the L.A. - San Antonio match last Sunday. With 6.7 seconds left, the score was SAS 95, LAL 94. Laker ball. You know what was going to happen. And you watch NBA games because of these situations: the last second, clutch, game-deciding shots by the stars. And none better than Kobe to do it, right?

So I waited the commercials out.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Channel 9 kept on showing these inane promote-your-own-syndicated TV show crap, something like Trading Spouses, for at least 3 times. And that's just one commercial.

And when the game finally came back on, what they showed was:

San Antonio Spurs 95
LA Lakers 94

WHAAATTTT??? Where the fuck did the 6.7 seconds go, which I waited 2++ minutes for ???

Damn. They should be sued. I was robbed.

Just to promote a show named Trading Spouses, they cut the climax from the basketball game.

That was beyond carelessness. It was imbecilic. >:-I

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wish List for Blogging NBA Players

That blog of Phoenix Suns' Paul Shirly got me thinking: Who'd be my top current NBA players that I'd like to see blog their thoughts down? I mean blogs that shows what they *really* wanted to say (and not like a blog that seems heavily edited, and contains only all the right words. See these guys for example. Wait, those blogs look as boring as my NBA blog entries. Oh well.

Anyway, without further ado:

  • Darvin Ham. Who he? The Defending Champs' 11th off the bench (in front of Darko Milicic), that's who! I chose him over Darko because a)he's more experienced; b)I'm not so sure if Darko can carry a blog (changing your hair color and privately ranting at playing time can only be interesting for so many blog entries); and c) this little news bit. Come on, click it.

    Back with us yet? OK. One, two, three.

    NYAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! I thought that only happened here, as reported by tabloids!! To read that it happened to a 6'-7", 240lb forward of the NBA... I'm sorry if I'm being mean but... dang. And ouch. Wehehehe. Of course, if his wife happened to be Zheng Haixia, WNBA Chinese phenom, I wouldn't wonder so much.* Google her and you'll probably agree. Anyway, just imagine the blog entries: "I just went home from practice. I was berated by Coach for not putting my all, but I'm more scared of my wife than of him!" Hmm.. maybe I'd rather not read that blog.

  • Kevin Garnett. Maybe his blog will read like, "I tried to carry my team again today, but Sam Cassell became injured yet again after chasing after that blasted "precioussss" of his, Latrell was suspended because he tried to choke Coach McHale during practice, the Kandi Man's just that - a big, overgrown candy, Trenton (Hassell) and Wally (Szcwhateverbiak) have their playing time issues.... Jeez. I may be a super basketball player, but even I can't carry these blokes to the playoffs!" I'd really like to hear KG rant about his teammates. He deserves it, and it makes for good reading ;) And while were at the topic of dysfunctional teams...

  • Rafer Alston. Or any other member of the Toronto Raptors, for that matter, that had a front-row seat to the (alleged) slugfest between Coach Sam Mitchell and Skip-to-my-Lou(what the HELL does this nickname mean?). Rafer has been a timebomb all season, and although the rift seems to be mended a bit nowadays, its always interesting when two people are at loggerheads with each other.

  • Any member of the Portland Trailblazers. Come on... do you think the "housecleaning" by the Blazers management really cleaned their house up? They drafted a guy named Outlaw, for cripes' sakes. They've got Ruben Patterson there, a personality in himself. There's Telfair, a New York playground legend. What do I mean by that? Here are other playground legends: Ron Artest, Stephon Marbury, Rafer Alston. I may be generalizing, but still... Also, there's Darius Miles, a poster child for preps-to-pros bad examples. Add Damon Stoudamire, pot sessions, pit-bull fighting, DIY's DUI's... man, come on. Their blog would be a fun read. And maybe grounds for the arrest of the whole team :)

  • Kobe Bryant. Come on. Who else? I guess this guy would be first in your mind for anyone coming up with this list. His thoughts on playing the LA Clips group, Phil Jackson, Shaq? If his thoughts make the World Wide Web unedited, you'd probably recieve em as forwarded email in a matter of seconds.
Come to think of it, almost any NBA player would have an interesting blog, if it contained the risque part of their job, the things they aren't allowed to say. But these 5 first came to my mind first.

*credit goes to Renee, Sports Guy Intern Finalist for the Zheng reference