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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cavs or New Jersey?

As of today, the Eastern Conference's last seed in the NBA is the only thing not set in stone. It comes down to two teams: the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Jersey Nets. They are tied at 40-40 (as of blog time) with two games left. New Jersey has the tiebreaker.

I don't know which team to root for.

Ok, recap: The New Jersey Nets seemed to start the season on a rebuilding mission: they traded away K-Mart for draft picks, they traded away their starting 2-guard (Kittles) for a 2nd round draft pick, and their 2nd string shooting guard (Harris) for 2 heads of cabbage. In seeming retaliation, Jason Kidd chose to rehabilitate his knee at the start of the season. They were a lottery team for a third of the season. But then a very strange thing happened. The Nets management turned around, publicly said they regretted trading one of their all-stars, and got Vince Carter. And, despite a season-ending injury on Richard Jefferson, Jason Kidd got back just in time to tag-team with Carter and lead this rag-tag team of NBDL players to a .500 record (the first time this season for the the brink of a postseason appearance.

It's quite different with the Cavs. First came "Boozergate", but GM Paxson immediately made up for that by getting Gooden and Vajerao. They got Eric Snow, a nice rotation PG. Unlike the Nets, they were winning at the start of the season. Life was good. But then a new owner came around. Coach Silas had problems with his PG McInnis AND GM Paxson. And faster than you can say "Bamboozled", it went downhill for the Cavs. The addition of Jiri Welsh was not the fix-it that they had hoped for. It was even worse after Silas was canned. Poor Bronnie couldn't carry his team because he needs better support than this.

So who do you cheer for: A team with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and possibly Richard Jefferson, or a team with LeBron James and Z?

A team with management that turned it around and somehow made up for its preseason blunder moves? Or a a team with transitional management that probably didn't know any better?

A team with an inspired (or should I say, not uninspired) Vince Carter carrying the team in scoring, hurting Raptors fans everywhere because he didn't even try in Toronto? Or a team with management that has made personnel blunders left and right, firing Silas, failed to reach the playoffs with LeBron last year, and is threatening to do so again this year?

Who do you pick to have the rights to get massacred by the Miami Heat in the first round?

Stay tuned.

Update: It looks like both are 41-41 after today. New Jersey's next opponent: the revamped Celtics. The Cavs' opponent?

The Toronto Raptors.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe the Raps will tank this game, just to spite New Jersey and VC. But if New Jersey wins vs. the Celts tomorrow, its all moot since they own the tiebreaker.

But personally, I wish the Cavs make it somehow, even though the odds are against them. LeBron James deserves better than the situation he is in. Plus, a LeBron-Wade matchup in the playoffs could be the first meeting between two rivals in the future. But it doesn't matter either way, because Miami will chew any of them up in 4.


i'd root for the nets. because of jason kid. not because of whince carter. and king james should demand a trade, not only because they wont make the playoffs (i think), but also because cavs minority owner, usher, makes shitty music. ha!
Kidd's a whiner as well, you know. ;) Or so some journalists say. But at least he works when he is able.
is it just me, or did darko just start for detroit. goddamn!
BASKETBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll be back.

unlike my lakers. grrrrrrr
deryke -> our lakers. our lakers. *sob, sniff, sniff*
It's all in the hands of the Nets right now. Dapat matalo nila ang Boston to seal the last spot regardless of the outcome of the Cavs-Raps game. IMHO, the Cleveland franchise doesn't deserve a playoff spot - yet.
kahit sino ang pumasok siguradong lamog sa heat. but personally, i'd like to see the cavs rather than the nets. wade-james, shaq-z(although lugi si z) match-ups are quite more interesting than carter-wade and ??? kidd-shaq??? heheh kidd-jones, eh sino tapat ng nets kay shaq?
new jersey just nailed the 8th spot in the east. lebron's is sooo pissed right now, maybe he'd demand a trade. i hoppa hoppa hoppa.
I worked for the NBA for 3 miserable years so I can't say that I watch too much basketball anymore.

BUT... you ALWAYS cheer for the team that has Jason Kidd on it. Always.
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damnit what happened to my long-ass-reply-comment? shieesh. damned blogger. anyway..

@ a - james demand a trade? cant happen... he has a good guy image to protect. The NBA is sure to step in to prevent their baby King to be disgruntled. That said, expect a mafia-like connivance to put the cavs in the playoffs next season >:B

@deryke (and paningit) - whehehe. good luck to your team bro! Maybe we'll see them in 3 years, give or take 2.

@trebs - cavs management sure doesnt. But the NBA and LeBron sure needed the Cavs in the playoffs. But whatever. At least now, we get to watch 5 all-stars in one 1st round playoff matchup. sweet.

@sherwin - err... si.. hmm... kaya nga sila tambak e :lol:

@riss you worked for the NBA? For the Nets (?) what did you do? anyway, good luck to your team... they need it.
cold man, cold.

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