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Monday, April 25, 2005

First Round Predictions

Heavy oficework dumped on me because of a Boracay-halved workweek will not deter this NBA Addict, no sir, from posting thoughts on the playoffs. I've had 14 long hours to think about it, you see, since I took the MV Virgin Mary for the trip home. Anywhoo, because of time constraints and my (virtual) pile of files on my desktop, I'll be limiting my prediction analysis to 2-3 sentences per matchup. After which, I'll be towing the company line as sad as LeBron practicing his 3-pointer while watching Wade and Melo (and Darko!) in the Gund arena Jumbotron.

PHOENIX (1) vs. MEMPHIS (8) (Suns lead 1-0) - Phoenix in 5. Fratello will figure them out by game 4, but it'll be too little too late for the Grizz. This series surely will be watched by Avery and Van Gundy, no doubt.

DALLAS (4) vs. HOUSTON (5) (Houston leads 1-0) - Houston in 6. Just because I trust Van Gundy more.

MIAMI (1) vs. NEW JERSEY (8) (Heat leads 1-0) - Miami in 4. As if there was any doubt.

CHICAGO (4) vs. WASHINGTON (5) (Chicago leads 1-0) - The "Who's watching?" playoff match of the season, da Bulls will get theirs, in 7 games. This will be a home-court playoff series.

SAN ANTONIO (2) vs. DENVER (7) (Nuggets lead 1-0) - I HONESTLY thought before the playoffs started that the Nuggets will get one game. I just didn't think it would be Game 1. That said, I'm revising my original Spurs in 5 prediction to... naaahhhh.

SEATTLE (3) vs. SACRAMENTO (6) (Sonics lead 1-0) - Hardest to call, but I'll stick with the Sonics. Hot team, relatively gelled lineup, and too little C-Webb for the Kings. Sonics in 6.

BOSTON (3) vs. INDIANA (6) (Boston leads 1-0) - Much as I'd love for the Pacers and Pistons to meet in the second round, Boston is just too focused and too deep to lose this series. Boston in 5, only because Miller will put on a fireworks display at the Conseco Fieldhouse.

DETROIT (2) vs. PHILADELPHIA (7) (Pistons lead 1-0) - Sticking my head out, but Detroit in 4. This should be a statement series for the defending champs, and a message to Miami.


agree all predictions except (ehem, siyempre)boston-pacers. pacers in 6 or 7,, heheh (homer ba?) =)
Waha! tignan natin, tignan natin :D
you sure color in the lines with those picks. you dont forcast any real upsets. thats probably why most folks lost money on detroit last year. LOL

we'll see about them.
hmm... i didnt notice that there wasnt any upsets in my predictions! But I am picking Detroit over the Heat, aint I? :D

anyway, counter em if you wish, this is just what i thought up
i pick indiana over boston, denver over san antonio, the bulls, miami, dallas (dirk will find a way to win), and phoenix. for the finals, its phoenix vs detroit. i think detriot will repeat. but i'm rooting for the suns.
we'll see im not much of a gambler. and as for miami. i still think they're goin down as well.
@ a- Denver over San Antonio? It looks that way until Manu (and Papa Popo) finds a way to break em down real good :) Still, the bulk of their scoring relies on people easily counterable by San Antonio - Carmelo (Bowen), Boykins(Ginobili/Parker), Martin(Duncan). I still pick a team with Duncan :D

@deryke - gamble? hmm, thats a thought. heheh. Lets? ;) Miami? The Sports Guy summed it up for me real good- what makes this year's heat any better than last year's lakers? Exactly.

That's why detroit will go to the finals ;)
i dont know about detroit. i'm feelin the nets.

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