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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I love the silence between us.

We don't have to say anything, You know that I love you, and that you love me too.

I've become a better person with you. With you I've become a bit more sociable, more patient, and more understanding of others around me.

I'm an infinitely better person with you, I know that from experience.

I love you, and I would like to be with you forever.

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ang sweeet naman!!!! is that a marriage proposal to your special someone?? awwww...
the ring would've been great, but i'm taken. i'm sorry, was it for me? no? dang!
kuya wilf, kasalan na ba yan? ;)
@abi ayup... :) that it was. I just left out the "will you marry me" part para di masyadong keso yung post. ;)

@paningit - it was for you, but hermie beat me to you it seems. dang :p

@twisted-mind - not immediately. in two years, if everything falls according to plan. :D
Yay, Dad! So kelan? ;)
Somewhen 2007 or late 2006. Tagal pa. La pang pera e. Wehehehe.
sabi ko na nga ba that the rings you brought to class that night were actually for you & your lubby e! =P
this so sweet. =)
@jaz - nope not really.. i did sell those to an oficemate who'll get married soon

@nyss - so my GF... aherm... fiancee says. :) Fiancee.. got a certain ring to it, doesnt it? ;)
huwaaw ang sweet nun ah!!! totoo ba to wilf?? yeah! panalo! -- jobarclix
syet everyone's getting married....
@jobarclix yup tutoo. matagal pa naman. :)

@trebs - ano yun, wedding march o funeral march? x_x

@olrayt - well... uso ata e. heheh. tapos na tayo sa debut phase.. nasa binyag/kasal phase na batch natin
hehe congrats kuya wilf!

lapit na yan, kala mo lang malayo pa pero paggising mo andyan na hehe.

ikaw walang pera? :P
blog proposal? *flashdance* este *flashback* hehehe
ye congrats pre!
@kiven not really.. its more like a way to announce the engagement :) naintriga naman ako sa flashback pre. *cue flashback music*

@olrayt thanks hehe
So paano ka nag-propose? :) Kwento naman! :D
emailed you, little girl. ;)
Wowers! Ang sweet!!
ehe. thankee.

another to add to my blogroll. haha.
buddy! i didn't know about this! kinwento lng sakin ni dangs Ü congrats, congrats! i'm so happy for you (no pun intended, hehe)... di ko tuloy kayo nabati nung nakita ko kaya last monday Ü haaay, amazing, you're getting married!! and though i'm a little allergic to cheese and sappiness, your proposal sounded so sweet and sincere. HAAAAAY talaga ÜÜÜ

btw, i'm currently with URC HR. fyi lng, hehe Ü
Uuuy URC HR! Mwehehehe. Me opening ba? :p

thank ye, thank ye ;)
???!!! Ngayon ko lang nabasa...

WFT??! Ur getting married? Wow...
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