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Thursday, April 07, 2005

NBA Update: Lakers are Out!

As my new blog acquaintance paningit commented on my previous post, the Lakers are now statistically out of the playoffs. Now their history reads: 2003-'04: NBA Finals. 2004-'05: Lottery. Congratulations, Lakers. Congratulations, Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss. Congratulations Kobe. Woot.


With less than 10 games to go into the season, the Cavaliers are still on a freefall from the standings. Just over one month ago they could've been facing fellow playoff newbie Wizards if they held on to their seeding. Now? courtesy of a 7-14 record since last month, they slid all the way to 7th, where they will face 2nd seed, battle-ready Pistons. Firing Coach Silas was a mistake. And current 6th seed Pacers, #8 Sixers, and the Nets are not letting up.


Speaking of the Pacers, how about Rick Carlisle as Coach of the Year? Sure, Mike D'Antoni (Suns) made fastbreak basketball in vogue again, Nate McMillan (Sonics) and Scott Skiles (Suns) did a nice job in breaking all expectations, and Mike Fratello (Grizzlies) and George Karl (Nuggets) did a great job turning things around for their teams. But did any of them lose 3 of their starters at the same time due to suspensions for more than a month? Was any of them subjected to the same media / court circus, post-Palace brawl? Man, Carlisle even had to handle a *lot* of injuries, most notably J-O'neal's season-ending injury. But where are the Pacers now? 6th seed and no signs of slowing down. That's gotta be worth a mention.


As a last aside, I would just like to say that I hate Channel 9. First it was the commercials from the Paquiao fight that broadcasted the actual "live" coverage on a 3-hour delay. All a jackass had to do was surf the internet and spoil the results to everyone (which happened on some radio stations, I believe). That I understood, because, lets face it. This is the only time that RPN-9 can earn money. Let's cut them some slack.

What got me was when I was watching the L.A. - San Antonio match last Sunday. With 6.7 seconds left, the score was SAS 95, LAL 94. Laker ball. You know what was going to happen. And you watch NBA games because of these situations: the last second, clutch, game-deciding shots by the stars. And none better than Kobe to do it, right?

So I waited the commercials out.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Channel 9 kept on showing these inane promote-your-own-syndicated TV show crap, something like Trading Spouses, for at least 3 times. And that's just one commercial.

And when the game finally came back on, what they showed was:

San Antonio Spurs 95
LA Lakers 94

WHAAATTTT??? Where the fuck did the 6.7 seconds go, which I waited 2++ minutes for ???

Damn. They should be sued. I was robbed.

Just to promote a show named Trading Spouses, they cut the climax from the basketball game.

That was beyond carelessness. It was imbecilic. >:-I


yehey, eliminated lakers. may kakilala akong maka-lakers,, heheh peace! bball na lang

new owner of cavs should blame for the recent slide ng cavs. tsk tsk. pero ok lang, pacers will benefit from it.. hehehe

clap! clap! clap! on rick carlisle. man, his job as a coach is much tougher than those being named ahead of him sa COY. hats off talaga for motivating the players and making the pacers, their fans and the nba in the spirit "you can achieve anything when you believe".. heheh

solar sports ka na lang manood. alang kwenta channel 9 eh. business lang pinapairal nyan.

pre, may bball sa dis sat. punta ako. punta ka rin!
i am one of the lakers' faithful. gawddamnit!!!! i'm so fucking depressed. why did they have to deconstruct a good thing. well, we know the old lakers were dysfuntional... but they ain't broken... and if it ain't THAT broken, why the fuck mess it up then.

anyway, i still think kobe's the best player in the game during clutch.. that's because reggie's on his way out.

aaaahhh shit!!! the lakers!!! the horrible, horrible, horrible lakers!!!!
@sherwin pupunta na dapat ako, me choir practice ako para sa kasal e. That day din ung kasal, sorry. Bad trip nga e.

@paningit - It was all about the money, kaya nga sila na-dismantle. I wonder how many years lotto-bound ang lakers.... Trade Kobe! Wehehehe
yayness!! Lakers are out.. :D

buti nga k Kobe.. (me kobe hater)..

I agree, solar sports ka na lang manood..
lakers are out! yeeeha! sorry pareng paningit, pero kobe is one of those players you love to hate hehe. rebuilding time for the men in yellow and poker-playing dr. buss.

yes, you were robbed by rpn 9. after all, free tv naman yan hehehe . you should try watching those big boxing matches on rpn, aagnasin ka na sa mga patalastas.
yes he is one them asses you'd really love to hate. with kobe, it's so black and white. either you love him to death, or you hate him to death. no gray areas.
kobe hater here. until he proves that he can win. :)
aw man. ouch. big ouch. hehehehe.

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