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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No Such Luck

Sunday - Woke up to CR-V with one front tire deflated and the other also nearly so. Had to spend close to an hour changing one tire. Not really how you want to spend a weekend morning. Had to bring the vehicle to the local neighborhood vulcanizing shop to get the 2 tires fixed. As the guy was returning the just-fixed tire, he unadvertedly pushed the CR-V, it rolled backwards, the jack fell out from under the CR-V, and the only thing that kept the CR-V from the ground was a just-fixed tire propping the vehicle up. That loosened the mudguard, but it is still attached to the vehicle.

I paid Php100 and kept my silence, just repressing my initial anger, thinking that the vulcanizing helper-guy would never be in any position to pay for a thousands-peso realignment and fix-it job. Of course my father was pissed when I told him about it. Well that's me: never angry when I should be, unnecessarily angry at the most inappropriate times and things. But that isn't my point. The CR-V incident looks like the start of a dreadful week.

Monday - I knew I brought my glasses, I even remember taking them out of my car the night before and placing them in my bag. But, in line with this week being a wonderful week, it (most likely) dropped out of the bag, leaving me with a day-long migraine while working and cramming for one of my 2 papers due this week for my MBA.

Tuesday - I thought oversleeping in the FX, forcing me to take a Php20 tricycle ride back to my house, was my bad luck for the day. (Incidentally, how is it fair that an airconditioned ride for 20km costs Php40, but it cost me Php20 to ride in a lousy tricycle for 1.5km?) Well, it could be argued that this time, it wasn't bad luck, but just plain stupidity, but here goes: I was hungry and was looking for a midnight snack to help keep me up while I was cramming for a paper. I raid the ref and saw a penoy. Apropos, I thought, pampatibay ng tuhod, not to mention that it was my topic for my industry paper - poultry, I mean. Anywhoo, I plopped it into a glass of water, popped it into the microwave, set it for a minute, waited, then BOOM! With a flash of light, I saw the egg explode inside the microwave oven. Strangely enough, the egg was still intact, and would've been possible to eat had it been NOT stale. But now, the microwave oven is broken.

Wow, bad luck, irony, AND stupidity in one paragraph. Story of my life, it seems.

Wednesday and Thursday - I have 2 final exams and 2 papers due on these days. Nuff said.

Friday - I'm quite sure something *will* happen this day...

Saturday - A housewarming party of one of my ex-officemates, sure to be complete with alcohol, beer, food, and hard drinks, is in conflict with a previous commitment with my girlfriend.

This is not my week.


If it's any consuelo for u, this isn't my week either. First, it was just one of my groupmates, then, the other joined in and gave me a blasted headache just before our finals earlier (she failed to attach our group's conclusion & appendices), and then, i was mentalblocked during the exams....in short, Balut Penoy ang grade ko malamang!!! WAAAAHHHH!!! And just now, some kids playing outside our gate accidentally threw me his slippers....guess where it landed, my face! Syete!
well..what to do? happens to the best of us...

repeat this mantra: THIS TOO SHALL PASS....

better consult a witch doctor. someone might've casted a wicked spell on you. fucking voodoo!!!
isipin mo na lang balance of nature.. if everything goes bad this week, it would be different next week.. :)
hahaha keep it cool wilf.. -- jobarclix
@jaz thanks for putting a smile on my face, even if it was at your expense :lol:

@claudzki thanks 8) yes it will pass i hope

@a hell, no one needs to cast a curse on me. im a walking bad luck magnet as it is x_x

@abi sana nga... nasa bora ako next week e :D sana walang seaweeds... sana walang tao... sana andun si angelina jolie... :p

@joey thanks thanks thanks :j
dude! so how was your week? hope you got through it in one piece.
actually, i'm still alive. I had to drive intermittently for 5 hours last saturday, and i submitted a 6-page report for my MBA when the minimum requirement was 10 pages, but otherwise, I'm ok. :)

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