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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Too Much T-Mac, Too Little D

Or so most headlines would read. While his near triple-double (22, 8 and 10) and his shot with 2.2 remaining was key, the Rockets were allowed to make more than half (54.8%) of their shots, led by Yao's monsterrific 13-14 FG. Granted, the guy is 8 feet tall, but Coach Avery must be chewing his team out right now. So much for the defense first makeover of the Mavs.

Of course, Houston didn't really do good on the defensive end either (they let Howard penetrate too easily, and the Mavs shot 50%) but Nowitzki was 8-21 with [insert name of Rockets SG] guarding him. That's not too shabby. Jeff van Gundy's D - ploys is still the difference maker here, IMO. Never mind that I might be wrong on the 6-game prediction. Go Jeff my man!

And dang, just 3 days into the playoffs, and 3 of my bets to win the first round seem to be in jeopardy. Blech. But you gotta love Miller. Yeah!


I don't really care who wins in the Dallas-Houston match. The Suns can run either of them to the ground in the next round anyway. The series I'm closely watching is San Antonio vs Denver because the Spurs IMO are still the team to beat in the West. I'd like to see Phoenix's fastball attack plow through the vaunted defensive teams :)
dirk's getting his ass kicked! argh!
a bit premature. but it's possible that detroit and houston are on a finals collission course. just a thought.

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