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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wish List for Blogging NBA Players

That blog of Phoenix Suns' Paul Shirly got me thinking: Who'd be my top current NBA players that I'd like to see blog their thoughts down? I mean blogs that shows what they *really* wanted to say (and not like a blog that seems heavily edited, and contains only all the right words. See these guys for example. Wait, those blogs look as boring as my NBA blog entries. Oh well.

Anyway, without further ado:

  • Darvin Ham. Who he? The Defending Champs' 11th off the bench (in front of Darko Milicic), that's who! I chose him over Darko because a)he's more experienced; b)I'm not so sure if Darko can carry a blog (changing your hair color and privately ranting at playing time can only be interesting for so many blog entries); and c) this little news bit. Come on, click it.

    Back with us yet? OK. One, two, three.

    NYAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! I thought that only happened here, as reported by tabloids!! To read that it happened to a 6'-7", 240lb forward of the NBA... I'm sorry if I'm being mean but... dang. And ouch. Wehehehe. Of course, if his wife happened to be Zheng Haixia, WNBA Chinese phenom, I wouldn't wonder so much.* Google her and you'll probably agree. Anyway, just imagine the blog entries: "I just went home from practice. I was berated by Coach for not putting my all, but I'm more scared of my wife than of him!" Hmm.. maybe I'd rather not read that blog.

  • Kevin Garnett. Maybe his blog will read like, "I tried to carry my team again today, but Sam Cassell became injured yet again after chasing after that blasted "precioussss" of his, Latrell was suspended because he tried to choke Coach McHale during practice, the Kandi Man's just that - a big, overgrown candy, Trenton (Hassell) and Wally (Szcwhateverbiak) have their playing time issues.... Jeez. I may be a super basketball player, but even I can't carry these blokes to the playoffs!" I'd really like to hear KG rant about his teammates. He deserves it, and it makes for good reading ;) And while were at the topic of dysfunctional teams...

  • Rafer Alston. Or any other member of the Toronto Raptors, for that matter, that had a front-row seat to the (alleged) slugfest between Coach Sam Mitchell and Skip-to-my-Lou(what the HELL does this nickname mean?). Rafer has been a timebomb all season, and although the rift seems to be mended a bit nowadays, its always interesting when two people are at loggerheads with each other.

  • Any member of the Portland Trailblazers. Come on... do you think the "housecleaning" by the Blazers management really cleaned their house up? They drafted a guy named Outlaw, for cripes' sakes. They've got Ruben Patterson there, a personality in himself. There's Telfair, a New York playground legend. What do I mean by that? Here are other playground legends: Ron Artest, Stephon Marbury, Rafer Alston. I may be generalizing, but still... Also, there's Darius Miles, a poster child for preps-to-pros bad examples. Add Damon Stoudamire, pot sessions, pit-bull fighting, DIY's DUI's... man, come on. Their blog would be a fun read. And maybe grounds for the arrest of the whole team :)

  • Kobe Bryant. Come on. Who else? I guess this guy would be first in your mind for anyone coming up with this list. His thoughts on playing the LA Clips group, Phil Jackson, Shaq? If his thoughts make the World Wide Web unedited, you'd probably recieve em as forwarded email in a matter of seconds.
Come to think of it, almost any NBA player would have an interesting blog, if it contained the risque part of their job, the things they aren't allowed to say. But these 5 first came to my mind first.

*credit goes to Renee, Sports Guy Intern Finalist for the Zheng reference


ako siyempre si reggie,, heheh

gusto ko rin na mag-comment siya sa blog ko,, heheh =)

o, walang kokontra ha! lalo ka na kevs! heheh peace
ooohhh.... i like that. kobe's blog. probably a more spicy version of phil jackson's inside the locker room book.
DIY? O DUI? Hehehe. =)
ampotsa pwede ka talagang editor markku! shet. Strike two na ako sa yo a! hehe. Edit-edit...

@paningit yep exactly... imagine his real-time blog entry on their first miami-la meeting -

before Opening tip - Fuck you shaq! I wanted to have a hallmark moment with a handshake but you wouldnt share the spotlight. you ALWAYS stole the attention from me! ME!!! I'm gonna dunk on you this game, mark my words...

OK di ba?

@sherwin ok din yung ke reggie... medyo feel good blog. (I imagine entries like "I taught stephen jackson a few things today") I'd like to read his entry on his pushoff on MJ tho.. :)
ohh.. kobe's blog.. interesting.. but as not as interesting as shaq's blog would be.. baka may lyrics ng mga rap niya trashing kobe.. ehehhehe...
pushoff on mj? hehehe classic yun. mj even learned and used that on russell sa bulls-jazz game 6 finals,, heheh :)
@abi maybe... shaq's words in his blog would be more colorful (with various similes using the Godfather, Star Wars, baseball, etc) but kobe's would be darker, i'd say. I still go with kobe, though shaq's would be more fun :)

@sherwin hahaha! oo nga no.. nuninu. The Shot naman un e, pabayaan mo na :D
fuck! the lakers have been officially eliminated. this is a dark day for me. i'd go have some beer now.

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