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Monday, May 23, 2005

Conference Finals!!! Plus: The Ultimate in Cell Phone Gaming

San Antonio over Phoenix in 5.

Detroit over Miami in 6.

Give or take a game. :)


Just watched parts of the 4th quarter of the Suns-Spurs game... and I have to say, Horry still has it. He still has most of his talent, with double the maturity. If only he was this mature when he was younger...


My perception of Phoenix? The bull that charges at its opponent, overwhelming them with brute force, speed, quickness. I'd say the Spurs are the matadors, picking their spots, playing the bull's game..

On Heat vs. Pistons: Lakers with Shaq, Kobe, GP, Malone, Phil Jax, and soap opera drama vs. Pistons with current starting 5, plus better bench players- Pistons in 5. Heat with Shaq, D-Wade, the ghost of Eddie Jones and Mourning, plus better chemistry vs. Pistons with current starting 5, missing some key bench players from last year's run - who would you pick? Unless I'm underestimating the Heat chemistry, I still say Pistons in 6.


Current cell phone addiction: vNES - the Symbian Phone NES emulator. Which means I get to TRY to beat Mr. Sandman after failing miserably when I was 10. Nope, not doing any better nowadays either. Click on the link to download! Then just search for "NES ROM [name of game]" on your friendly neighborhood Google, and you're on your way :D.

Oh, and did I mention that the 2-player via Bluetooth works? Sweet.

Now remember the old mantra: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. Now go kick some alien ass. 8-)


Pardon the menu on the side. Replaced the screenshots with something cleaner. Screenshots as promised:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And he winds up...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One-hit knockdown? You betcha!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Classic gaming? This has got to be at the top of the list of any 80's kid.

(Screenshots from my Nokia 6600)

Phoenix vs. San Antonio - SA wins the series 4-1. Prediction tally? Both winner and number of games! :)
Miami vs. Detroit - Miami leads 3-2.


Matadors indeed. I have to admit, the Spurs are well equipped to handle the Suns. If D'Antoni would only stop his iron-man rotation and hustle up his bench players a bit more, then they might have a chance.
i still say duncun's boring. boring as hell.
@trebs its too late to learn for the bench guys. or at least, its too late to gain more heart.

@paningit haha! but read this.. you might change your mind... a little. :]

Tough Tim spurs on teammates
pistons in 6
spurs in 6

go pacers!!! heheh
What more can you ask from Horry, man? Five championship teams. He's always in the playoffs. He's not Big Shot Rob for nothing. I wonder what you mean by "if only he was this mature when he was younger"...

- Phil
remember the towel-throwing incident when he was a sun? that's what I mean. He could've been the complementary star. Maybe the prominent 3rd man on a team. Maybe. Oh well.
mr. sandman... punchout ba yun? nostalgia... :)
To be the man, you have to beat the man.
- Ric Flair

Not too worried about the flash melting down in game 1.good lesson for the sophomore.
Kulang sa tiger look or jordan look.

probably go with spurs and det in 6 games due to experience.

Amare = Shawn Kemp, except without the court hearings.yet.
@olrayt ayup - Punch-out. Wehehe.

@kiven - Wade rules? Di na kailangan. Not yet. Amare? Yup.. not yet. But he's too busy with his STATs to care to make children? Naah. :D
ehehehe.malayo naman kung kumpara sa idol ko.40 points sa kanya e contained na sya ng detroit nun.

katakot lang amare pag nagmature laro nya brrrrr
40 points ba ikamo? hehe

Miami 1-1. Dwyane 40 points, 8 rebs, 6 assists.

what can i say? he got skillz =)
is yours a trial version?
nope. oops. Got the "full" version from iphone- forum.org. You'll need to register(free) and post 20 times (i think) to download their files.

Or I can email it to you. :)
duncan and co. are just waiting for their opponent. i'm still rooting for detroit.

pardon my treaspassing.:)
tresspass all you want. :)
Eastern Finals go down to game 7. With Wade hurt, that game could be the last I watch this season.

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