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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Is it the Year of the Phoenix?

First, Steve Nash won the MVP award.

Next, Suns Coach Mike D'Antoni won the Coach of the Year Award.

Now, they have reports that Phoenix Suns president Bryan Colangelo has been named NBA executive of the year.

Kulang na lang Championship. (All that's missing is the championship) Well, congratulations. Surely well-deserved honors for turning around a lottery team into a championship contender in one season.

But if they win it all, I'm looking at it as a conspiracy by the league to promote their highly entertaining way of playing games. :p


2nd Round Update:
Miami Swept Washington. Winner prediction? Check. Number of games? Nope.
Detroit over Indiana 4-2. Winner prediction? Check. Number of games? Check.
San Antonio over Seattle 4-2. Winner prediction? Check. Number of games? Check.
Phoenix over Dallas 4-2. Winner prediction? Check. Number of games? Nope.
Running prediction test score: Winner 4/4, number of games 2/4.


heat, as long as dwayne keeps up.
i'm rooting for the suns. but i think joe johnson is just too much of a loss for them.
pacers.. :)

pero mas match talaga detroit at miami.. ehheheeh
yeah, joe johnson is the suns' 3rd leading scorer and losing him is certainly a big factor. if only mike d'antoni would stop sticking to his iron man rotation and start using his reserves a bit more...

the heat are the justice league of florida. shaq is superman, wade is the flash and eddie jones is... err... batman???
conspiracy nga yan wilf. sila din yung gumawa kay mahal at kay mike enriquez at dun sa babae sa mga patalastas ng pldt at dun sa batang lalaki sa patalastas ng nba on tnt ("it's the nba Playoffs on TnT" sabay talsik laway)
hindeee!!! pacers yan!!!

i still believe. =)
@kiven - heat? Detroit pa din. xD lets go uglyball!!

@paningit/trebs - huge for them. now if they can dust off walter mccarthy or maybe even (gasp) funnyman paul shirley, they'd be ok. Their ironman regular season is coming back to haunt them - in their bench, only Jimmy J is ready to step up in case of injuries.

@abi - pacers seem to be the sentimental fave. But, you're right, mas match ang detroit at miami...

@trebs - jones... robin? superboy? pero mas kamukha nya si martian manhunter! lol

@olrayt - eheheheh. mas malamang pa din na conspiracy yung kay mahal :D

@sherwin - hindeee! last game na ni idol miller!!! :p
detroit? lousy for the nba.too boring.
dwayne wade is the man. and he's only in his 2nd year.

eddie jones? hmm pede batman...si udonis haslem eh ung maid sa "superfriends" bwahahaha....
trebs -> i agree with nbaad. i think d'antoni has no choice but stick with his rotation. his bench aint really a bench.
basta!!!! PACERS yan!!!!


theme of the day : "I STILL BELIEVE" :D
update: bye-bye, reggie. the greatest clutch shooter ever.

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