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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nash Is MVP?

Jason Kidd deserved it more in '02. Should've been the Big Daddy this year.

But that's just me. Sorry Trebs.


Close contest, man. I wouldn't have felt bad if Diesel won. Unlike in '02 where I was really pissed that Duncan won MVP over Kidd. But then again, Shaq himself said that the Heat are a good team even without him. The Suns on the other hand, play like headless chickens without Nash. I'd like to see a Phoenix-Miami matchup in the Finals. The heck with Detroit and San Antonio - they're too boring to watch.
That was the primo argument... but. The flipside:

LA Lakers - Shaq replaced with an Odom, Butler, and Grant. From NBA Playoffs to Lottery.

Dallas Mavericks - Nash replaced with free-agent signee C Dampier... and gets 4th seed this year from 4th/5th seed last year.

Phoenix - Miami.... good matchup for you. :p I don't think Miami has a chance in that one. Heheh
nash is like an mvp antihero. and i like a miami-phoenix finals. whatever gets that boring timmy boy off the screen.
sayang nga e, dapat nga si shaq yun. pero come to think of it, nash is indeed the most valuable player in his team. umabot miami sa play-offs noon kahit wala si shaq. pero umabot din ang dallas sa playoffs kahit wala si nash... ang gulo men.
nash is more deserving to win the mvp over shaq. period. heheh

and at heat, wade looks more like an mvp than shaq, while at suns w/o nash, suns are lost. period.

go pacers!!! heheh :)
It should be the Big Daddy almost every year, but he is always overlooked. His stats don't even begin to show his impact.
@paningit hahah! no spurs for you? But, however boring they are, I'm still picking them over the Suns.

@Logs pero di 1st seed ang miami last year. medyo magulo nga mehn, pero the way its set up, you could look at facts at any which way depending on where you stand

@sherwin - but you could argue that amare is also the MVP of Phoenix. (some recent quotes from him imply that he thinks so too). Mr. Kalman sums it up nicely for me. Shaq even has an impact when he's not on the court - his team has swagger now, and a lot of confidence. how valuable is that?

@andrew - amen baby. will link you up soon. :)
yeah amare looks like an mvp too. but he hasn't played well and hasn't carried the suns to W's when nash was out earlier in the season. wade carried the heat even if shaq wasn't there. suns plays differently when nash is on the court.

and now at 2nd round of the playoffs shaq isn't quite himself yet. he has played below average for now. and guess who's picking the team for them, it's wade.

just my thought though.

btw, pacers win!!! woohooo!! makakapag-trabaho ako ng maayos this day,, hehehe go pacers!!!
Swagger and a lot of confidence --
The Suns have lots of this too... Amare may be Phoenix's best player now, but not the most valuable. His numbers went way down when Nash was injured. So did the rest of the team's.
@trebs-not enough swagger to win without nash on the court. ;) again, i'm not looking at numbers, just the relative importance. And, the MVP is supposedly the most valuable player in the league.

Let's put it this way - the entire saturday morning group gets the chance to play 5-on-5 for $1M. You are to pick 4 NBA teammates. Do you think nash will get picked first over shaq, TD, and LBJ?

@sherwin - shaq's injured. wade should pick up the slack, of course.

I'd say Nash is quite important to the team, that he gave them an edge. But Sheed gave the pistons something similar last year and he didn't win an MVP. Nash was a missing piece of a puzzle. Shaq is the Most Dominant Ever. There's a difference.
anlakas ng loob ko magsalita no? parang expert... hyukhyuk
ang sa akin lang, kahit wala si shaq nung na-injured siya this season hindi gaanong nag-falter ang heat. in fact nanalo pa rin sila kasi andun si wade. what if kung baliktad kaya? si wade ang mawala sa heat, mananalo pa rin ba sila consistently?

yun lang po.

wilf, patulong naman sa html coding. para sa template ko, ok lang ba? heheh

go PACERS!!!
Hmm... the Heat just swept the Wiz with Diesel sitting on the bench sporting a three-piece suit. Enough of this "NBA-expert" debate! Daanin na lang to sa totoong basketball!!! Hahaha.

Woohoo! Miller time na naman nung Game 3!
Trebs: Oo nga eh, heheh. Pero sayang sa game 4. Napakamalas nila. Sana makabawi sa game 5.

Go Pacers!!!
Waaaah! Malas din team ko sa Game 4! Naka-48 pts pa naman si Nash...
Honga e... nabantayan lang si stoudemire, talo ulit suns...

yup, enough of this MVP debate. Looks like both our boys are just important pieces in otherwise excellent teams. ;)

@sherwin - si trebs mas magaling sa html coding! haha. ano ba tulong na kailangan m?
anong klaseng HTML coding ba kelangan mo? gusto mo ng bagong template? btw, nakuha mo ba yung links na sinend ko sa YM mo? andun yung basket pics natin!
Sige, salamat bro. Tanong ko na lang si Trebs.

Oo pre, nakuha ko na yung pics na sinend mo. Simple lang yung html coding na itatanong ko. Kasi pag ine-encode ko na yung code para sa haloscan na comment, nawawala yung mga comments sa lahat ng posts ko. Di ko alam kung paano eh. YM na lang kita maya.

Anyway, sana maganda laro ng Pacers bukas. Isusuot ko yung uniform nila dito sa office tom,, heheh. Go Pacers!

pag ginamit mo haloscan pang-comment, mawawala talaga yung comments na nasa blogger.com. ganun talaga, sorry sherwin.

amf. wala ako maisip na bagong post!!!
Hmm, ganun ba? Cge, salamat pareng wilf.

Sana manalo Pacers bukas. Go Pacers!!! :)
ha! better late than later!

dwayne wade pa den. peace out.
what about manu? wild din yun.

welkam to the impromptu discussion forum, kevs B)
manu? pleaseeeee..... =)

yun lang. :D
bwaha. tignan natin ang sa pacers.

I dont get it. how can the NBA MVP get outvoted in the selection of the NBA 1st team? Shaq got more 1st team votes than Nash!

Media voters talaga o. Hnlabo.

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