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Monday, May 09, 2005

NBA Playoffs - Round 2!

In my previous foray into the fortune-telling business, I got 5 of 8 winners correctly, with 2/8 finishing in the number of games predicted. I overestimated on Van Gundy, underestimated the Wizards, and failed to account for JO and Tinsley returning from injuries. My prediction numbers were failing scores in my point of view, but does that prevent me from pretending to be an expert once again? Heck no! Heheh.

MIAMI (1) vs WASHINGTON (5) - Unless the Wizards' bench gives a miraculous contribution, the Heat is too experienced to be fazed by Washington. The backcourt is fairly evenly matched, but the bigs of the Wiz are far overmatched by Shaq's posse. In the meantime, expect Coach Stan to find more minutes for Zo in anticipation of the Detroit tussle. Miami in 5.

DETROIT (2) vs INDIANA(6) - Well, well, well, the NBA pulled it off - they got the playoff match that everyone wished would happen, post-Palace brawl. But these guys faced off last year, and it didn't end favorably for the Pacers. Granting that they're missing Artest now, they'd probably just duplicate last year's feat at best. Detroit in 6, and my money is on Stephen Jackson getting suspended by Game 4 of this series. :p

PHOENIX (1) vs DALLAS (4) - Wow, all that firepower should make for an entertaining series right? I'd say matchup nightmares abound against Dallas. If Dirk struggled against T-Mac, how would he fare against the Matrix? Who's gonna guard Amare? Also, how inspired will MVP Steve Nash be, once he plays in Dallas? Could Avery Johnson shift gears instantly from playing against a 2-man relatively-disciplined team to a run-and-gun, helter-skelter 5? Phoenix in 5. But if the Mavs figure the Suns out and use their depth, good luck Suns.

SAN ANTONIO (2) vs SEATTLE (3) - The Spurs will beat them, the question is in how many games? I'd say in 6. You?

Damn, there are no upsets in my predictions! Oh well.


go pacers!!! hehehe

anyway, here's my predictions for the 2nd round.

miami-wizards - miami in 6.
pacers-pistons - pacers in 7
suns-dallas - suns in 6
spurs-sonics - spurs in 5

go pacers!!!
sige tignan natin wala namang pera involved e. eheheheh
Thanks for the info, very much appreciated. Its a little to digest but will keep reading.
- nbaaddict.blogspot.com 5
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