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Friday, June 24, 2005

And the 2005 NBA Champs...

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Congratulations to the 2005 World Champions, the San Antonio Spurs!

They got it in 7, but I forgive them for screwing with my bracket. XD


and the spurs won. there's no fucking justice in this world.

syet spurs won.

sana pumusta ako.
who? what?
syete, la talga akong kaalam alam sa MBA!
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uh, did i just said MBA?!
I meant, NBA.
Let the Spurs enjoy while they can. They won't be in the Finals next year (hehe, angas no?).
urgh..i was rooting for the pistons... :(
thank you spurs!
i'm 1k richer because of that,, heheh :D
Go Spurs! :)
you on off season mode too?
@ paningit - aw come on. they did deserve that crown, didn't they?

@logs - at sana nakipusta din ako.

@jaz onga kitang kita nga :)

@trebs - is that a prediction or a fan's hope? :D

@claudzki - So was I. Don't we all love underdogs? ;)

@mabi - Hey and welcome to the blogosphere :D

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