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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Either He's Crazy or He's Crazy.

Or, he got blinded by the money. In any case, Phil Jackson coaching the Lakers again after all he's said against the organization (not to mention its only star) during his vacation time pumps a bit of life and hope into a moribund LA franchise. Will he succeed? If he does within the next 3 years (and I'm talking about success = championship here, however unrealistic that is), he would really become the best NBA coach of all time, period.

Plus, this is a situation that Jackson has never found himself in - coaching a team with gaping holes in vital areas of his style - ball handling, big men, and defense in general. At least this proves he didn't take the job to easily break Red's championship record. So did he take it to prove that he can win with spare parts? Or maybe he did it for Jeanie?

Also, just a side note - With a 3-year, $10M/season contract, he will make more money than any of his players except Bryant and Odom. That in itself shows respect should be forthcoming from at least the lesser guys in the team. But to get respect from Kobe, they have got to win. That's the only time Kobe will forget about all the "uncoachable, etc." comments Phil Jax made. If they continue losing, they will continue to have their soap opera.
NBA Finals update - Series tied 2-2. I predicted Spurs in 6. Before the season started I said Detroit will repeat. We'll see.


was rooting for lakers due to shaq and phil.pero ngaun si kobe and lamar andun. hay. good luck phil.unless managment makes some trades or bryant starts acting and playing like mj e i dont see him winning again.
well see how good phil really is with his team made up of one "uncoachable" superstar and a bunch of leftovers. hmm... maybe he can trade kobe away.
i have no comment on this one. *smirks*
@kiven - management will make trades. Will they make the right one? They have no other assets that'll get fair value aside from Odom and Bryant.

@trebs - hah! they wish they could trade kobe away!

@paningit - hope for your lakers yet, no? we'll see >:D
time to get creative then.detroit built its team using some very nice acquisitions (wallaces,hamilton,billups).

forecast, pj will be aching for the good ole days explaining to these lakers the triangle, not to mention implementing it.
phil making more money over all the players except bryant and odom,, heheh
And I can still remember how he trashed Kobe in the tonight show. Well he made his bed ^_^
@sherwin actually mali pala ako, me kulang pa. brian grant actually makes more money than odom! they gotta trade that bitch! Sigurado kukunin sya ni Isaiah Thomas :lol:

@pedxing wow really, he trashed kobe in Leno? :o this should be a good soap to watch :D
for that much money, i'll coach grasshoppers for 10 years.
Phil + Kobe = one season to watch out. ehehhe

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