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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The NBA Finals, Firefox Woes, and the Dark Tower

Blogger and Firefox conspired against me today. I've had the system crash on me thrice four times while I was making a post.

Lesson: use Notepad.

Auxiliary lesson: The office PC cannot handle Firefox, YM, Nokia PC Suite, and 3 open 11MB MS Excel files at the same time.


I was supposed to post on the NBA matchup between the Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs. But Firefox 1.04 crashed on me twice, and I've found myself writing a shorter and shorter take on the matchup. My first iteration was a full-blown analysis, with matchup comparisons and what-not. The second pass was a summarized version of that, but the Grey Box of Death did not allow me to save that. So, my take on the matchup that half the basketball world expected (the other half was in denial, wanting anything but a Pistons-Spurs Final):

Spurs too good right now. They'll take it in 6.

Jeez. That was just 10 words. And I was already at 600+ words in my 1st iteration.


Just downloaded the Dark Tower eBooks in RepliGo format (eBook reader for Nokia 6600). I've been waiting for it for quite a while and I'm quite happy that I finally have it. I guess I should be using a lot of exclamation points by now but I'm sort of guilty I didn't buy a book that I really wanted to read.

But in full rationalize-mode, I tell myself that I don't have the thousand pesos to buy the book with anyway. Plus, I was just going to borrow the books from a friend so I'll just look at it as a way to make the situation easier for all of us. Except Mr. King of course.

Piracy, smiracy. Personally, my rule is: Buy local, download (or buy pirated) foreign. ;-)


Random thought of the day: Kelan kaya iba-ban ulit ng MIS namin ang YM? Hmm...


Lastly, visit Joey's post on the extracurriculars that happen in a gym. Read through the comments. Then again, maybe you shouldn't get a sneak peek. Warned you.


spurs in 5. =)
Parang ala nang pag-asa ang pistons no? we'll see if DEEET-roit can win one again. :D
manu! manu! manu!
kelangan mailipat si manu sa pacers,, hehehe
ampots e di si duncan na lang! ;) Pero halos kumpleto na pacers mo.. mga 1 or 2 trades na lang kulang. Trade ron artest away or give him a brain transplant.
ako spurs in 7 :(

@wilf: dapat nga pati local e pirated na rin ang bibilhin. if we buy pirated local cd's (at least yung mga movies), the actors won't get paid. ergo, they'll have a more difficult time becoming politicians.

@sherwin: oo nga, anlupit ni manu. hehe
no, i won't give up artest. basta gusto ko si manu sa pacers..

damn, sana tama ka jan sa sinabi mo wilf na one or two trades away na lang pacers. bigman lang kulang at "miller-heir apparent",, hehehe

manu! manu!
i dnt care how many games.. basta spurs! ehehehhe
crap...hate it when technology conspires against you ...
@olrayt oo nga pala ano? =)) Pero iniisip ko din kasi local acts natin in the music biz

@sherwin dont forget their bench! They need to be just a little bit deeper.

@abi yeh spurs go! Safest bet to win it all.. hehe

@claudzki - sinabi mo. that sucked big time. but at least i got a shorter post out. mas madaling basahin hehe
@wilf: yun nga lang. dapat talaga pag pelikula lang (it might be you, bcoz of u and such crap) hehe
spurs in 6. kala ko DORK TOWER.oh well...
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