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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War of the Selves; The Usual NBA Chatter

Damn, it's been a while since my last post. And all I have to blame is this. I wish I could say it was work, or school. But fish? I've gotta get my head straight. Blogging should be a priority. :p

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It's not even Worlds of Warcraft. I hang my head in shame.


On the NBA - I don't know who the heck those people are that got drafted, but I'm quite positive all of them will be duds, in one way or the other. If the first pick of the draft, the supposed best player, is a white man, a product of the country who boast of other centers such as Chris Anstey and Luc Longley, well... One can't help but doubt, right?


More NBA - Are you feeling good about a Redd - LeBron tandem? I'm not sold on the idea. A better version of Rip Hamilton earning max money on a team desperate for depth. Well, better 5 years of Redd than 5 of Ray Allen I guess. I can't imagine paying a 35-year old Jesus Shuttlesworth almost $20M a year...


Watched War of the Worlds this weekend. It was exactly what I expected it to be. And since I'm a pessimist, that statement wasn't a thumbs up.

I turn you over to my two selves, Cynic and Critic.

***Spoilers may follow***

Critic: It was a great movie. This wasn't supposed to be a gang-bang, action-slamming affair. Spielberg's total remake of The War of the Worlds came off as a mirror of the human psyche, how we react in the face of adversity. And sometimes, the image in the mirror leaves you cringing. In other words, it's not Armageddon, but it is more of Deep Impact.

Cynic: Yeah, yeah, been there ,seen that. Face it, people watched it because of Cruise and Spielberg, not because of all that psychobabble crap you just spewed out.

Cr: But they came and watched, didn't they? Maybe it'll serve as a message for all the viewers...

Cy: ...to convert to Scientology?

Cr: ... No, to react more "human-ly" in case of extreme duress.

Cy: Uh-huh. Yeah, whatever. The thing is, the movie can be summarized so: Aliens attack, but forgot to innoculate themselves. Game over. As a movie, that plain sucks because its un-fucking-believable! Come on! A Tripod that can incinerate anything in its path and is impervious to missiles and it doesn't have heat sensors to detect hiding humans in basements?

Cr: Yeah but...

Cy: And can you excuse a movie not even having ONE token babe? NOT ONE??? (Unless Ms. Fanning caught your eye, you perv)
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Don't cry Dakota... the movie's almost over...

Cr: ...

Cy: Game over. Case closed.


My recommendation: play Insaniquarium. It has aliens, it has earth life forms, but it's more fun.