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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Megatrade! Megatrade!

Not the one in Megamall mind you, but (what else?) one in the NBA!

LB going to New York has not been enough to get my lazy ass to blog. But this has.

MIAMI (AP) -- In the largest trade in NBA history, Antoine Walker was dealt from Boston to Miami on Tuesday night in a transaction involving five teams and 13 players.

The Heat also acquired point guard Jason Williams and small forward James Posey from Memphis, while the Grizzlies received guard Eddie Jones from the Heat.
Holy carps!!!

Let's look at a team-by-team:

Utah gives up Curtis Borchardt, Raul Lopez and Kirk Snyder in exchange for Greg Ostertag.
Holy fuck. Ostertag is worth that much? I should be GM! :D

Memphis gives up Jason Williams, James Posey, Greg Ostertag and Andre Emmett in exchange for Eddie Jones and Raul Lopez.

The past 2 trades are more about personality conflicts between GM/coach and player, methinks.

New Orleans gives up the draft rights to Roberto Duenas in exchange for Kirk Snyder and Rasual Butler.
One unsigned unknown for two players. Why not. New Orleans needs the bodies.

Boston gives up Antoine Walker in exchange for Curtis Borchardt, Qyntel Woods, two second round draft picks from Miami and draft rights to Miralles.

They were gonna lose 'Toine to free agency anyway. And we can't expect Ainge to hold on to him if he's gonna go on a youth movement. I mean, if Walker teaches Al Jefferson to throw up unnecessary 3's this early in his career, it would be a colossal waste of talent.

Miami gives up Eddie Jones, Rasual Butler, Qyntel Woods, two second round draft picks, the draft rights to Albert Miralles in exchange for Jason Williams, James Posey, Andre Emmett, Antoine Walker and the draft rights to Duanes.

Ok, imagine this starting 5:
C: Shaq
PF: Walker
SF: Posey
SG: Wade
PG: Williams

Holy crapper! Dominant center, offensively potent PF, good defender and versatile forward, Dwayne Wade, and a (bit more) disciplined Williams. They still need a spark off the bench but it's looking good! Injury and chemistry remains the issue I suppose. In any case, they have 2 months to jell.

Cool. :D


miami just robbed everyone else with the trade. they become better with the trade, but i ain't afraid of them. pacers can still own them,, heheh

da hell with logo? memphis should bow their head in shame with this trade. dem.

celtics still looks good and ainge is a draft whore and history shows he has a knack on picking well.

utah, i dont care.

new orleans, same as above.

east teams are looking scarier now.

miami-shaq/toine/posey/wade/white choco

balance of power is shifting in the east,, hehehe
kurek. who cares about utah?

damn. pag matitiis lang ni jason williams (na puti) na hindi masyadong mag-tres, pwedeng pwede na sila

as for the knicks...
syet di ko nabasa yun a. si ostertag? baka naman "leader" type person siya kaya valuable... pero malabo.
nabasa ko ren yan! grabe no? ang saya ng miami.. ehehhehe..

alam mo ba na pumunta si Vince Carter sa pinas? la lang...
Halimaw ang roster ng Miami. A GM's dream. But we've seen teams like that na good on paper but not on the court. Chemistry will spell the difference.

Onga mas balansado na ngayon. makes for better viewing i hope. :)


I agree :D


Really? If he dunked on EJ Feihl and I missed it, I'm gonna commit suicide.


Agree, agree. We've seen it with Portland c2000, L.A. 2003. We'll see with Miami 2006.

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