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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shhh... They're On To Me.

I think our zealous MIS Comptroller is too keen on my online activities.

It all started with their ban on Yahoo! Messenger and its website. Next to go was Friendster. But I had no reason to be paranoid then, since everybody in the office was doing it. Besides, I'm not a heavy Friendster user.

But then they banned Newgrounds. But that ban coincided with me sharing the site to my other officemates, so that had a question mark. They banned my online source of anything and everything mobile as well (i-Phone Forums).

But then... they blocked everything and anything blog. At first it was just blogger.com. But after that, anything with the word "blog" in the URL got blocked out by our Internet gateway/proxy server.
No more Blogger!!! Why???

Which just means... even less time for blogging! Grr...

But that of course doesn't mean more productivity from me. They haven't banned my sports sites yet. :D And anyway, I'm not the type of person that can work 8 straight hours. I need breaks. Frequent breaks. And if I can't get that from blogs, well...

Sorry. Ramblings of an irate employee.

(Plus they might be reading this blog. Hi guys! :P)


"But that of course doesn't mean more productivity from me"

now that's the right attitude!

haha.. i know how it feels..they blocked friendster here for months...good it's back..otherwise i wudve shifted schools :P
pretty much what happened to me six months ago hehehe.

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